Using Demographics Data In The New Facebook Audience Insights Tool

Facebook Audience insights are a set of tools that will help your brand connect directly to your target customers. It gives you more detailed insights such as job titles, hobbies as well as minor things like relationship status. This will help your brand show, say, and share things based on your target audience at the right time and with the right content in your hand. This tool is amazing to understand your Facebook audience properly.

Facebook Audience Insights ad sequencing is supposed to give you aggregate information for three groups:

  • People who are connected to your brand page
  • People who are in your custom audience
  • People on Facebook in general

This helps the brand to create meaningful content and to include more people in their target audience group.

How can you use demographics data in Facebook audience insights?

Set up a business page first on Facebook. Then click on “view here” to find Facebook audience insights within the Facebook ad manager.

  • The first step now is to select the audience you want insights for which you can do by opening the Facebook Audience insights (FAI) dashboard and choose the audience type. Three options will be available that are- everyone on Facebook, people connected to your page, and custom audience. Choose one of the three options that best suits your needs.
  • The second step is to build the target audience demographics and ad sequencing. This is done by selecting the type of demographics on the left and viewing the charts. These demographics can include location, age and gender, interest and hobbies, and advanced demographics as well. These advanced demographics include language, relationship status, education, job role, and title as well as market segments. Knowing your target audience as much as possible makes ad sequencing a lot better.


  • Discover the needs of your audience and what they like. Click on the “view here” option on the page likes tab. Here many observations will be available such as top categories and page like sections. The top categories will have observations like books, arts, eat, charity, movies, and magazines that your target audience likes. This information is extremely beneficial to help your staff inspire ideas to test out the target Facebook marketing strategy. Page likes are all about relevance and affinity. It tells you about the pages that are most likely to be relevant on Facebook based on affinity, page size, and how many people in your audience already like that page.
  • It is important to know the location and language details of your target audience. Click on the “view here” option on the location tab and go through all the sub-tabs under this category. This will give you information on the top cites, top countries, and the top languages that are spoken by your target audience.
  • Discover some new activities and device details by clicking on the activity tab and observing the frequency of the activity pane. This will show how your audience is interacting with the Facebook page.

Finally, create an ad for your target audience. Facebook can help you in this process as well. Just click the “saved audience” tab and click the “create ad button”. A procedure will come up to create your ad. The Ad manager will do the remaining task and track the performance of your ad.