Using an Online Building Permit Application Site

If you’re planning a home renovation or construction project, you need to make sure you get a building permit. The best way to do that is to use an online building permit application site. You can submit your information, pay your fee, and get a preliminary review all in one place.

Preliminary review

Using an online building permit application site is a great way to speed up the permitting process. However, it’s important to know what to expect in the process.

The best way to ensure your application is approved is to submit it as early as possible. This allows the Building Department to review it and determine if it is complete. Once the plans are reviewed, the applicant can make any necessary adjustments.

There are also various tools available to track the status of your permit. Check the Town’s website for more information.

There are two major types of plan review available: formal and technical. For the formal review, your application will be viewed in a chronological order. A formal plan review record will contain a list of comments, code references, and other related materials.

For the technical review, your plans will be reviewed by staff from the Building and Development department. These employees will identify areas that need further revision. Depending on the type of permit, your plans may require further review by other departments.

Payment options

There are several different options for paying for your building permit. You can choose to make payments using your credit card, a check, or through an e-check. If you are going to pay your permit fees online, you must set up a bank account to accept ACH payments. This will require you to enter your credit card number each time you log in to your account.

The website also allows you to track your project’s progress. In addition, you can find out which permits are required for your project.

Some jurisdictions require you to set up an e-mail address before you can apply for an online account. Once you create an account, you can access your list of permits. Also, you can order services and make online payments.

A building permit is a document that grants the right to construct or renovate a structure. It is issued by the jurisdiction and is a permanent record. Most permits are processed online. However, some permits require the use of a professional.

Requirements for certain permits

Building permits are required for a variety of projects. Whether you’re building a new home, renovating a room, or installing a septic system, you’ll need to secure a permit Comment faire un plan de masse. If you’re unsure whether you need a permit, visit the Health and Safety website for more information.

There are several types of permits that you can apply for online. These include a one- or two-family dwelling, a townhome, and an excavation site permit. For projects involving alterations and additions, you’ll also need to submit a structural design criteria form.

In addition to obtaining a permit, you’ll need to comply with conditions, covenants, and restrictions (CCRs) found in your neighborhood association contract. For example, if you’re planning to put in a swimming pool, you must get an approval from the neighborhood association.

Some homeowners may be able to perform home improvement projects without getting a permit. This is not recommended. However, you should still call the local permit office for more information.

Schedule inspections

If you are planning on building a new home or making renovations, you should know how to schedule inspections. This will help ensure your construction is done in accordance with the approved plans and codes.

In Wake County, you can request inspections by registering on the Permit Portal. The system allows applicants to view and schedule permit and certificate of compliance (TCO) inspections. It also provides a variety of online services.

You can access the Permit Portal via the Internet. You can also call the office and speak to an inspector, if you need assistance. Staff can provide information about TCOs, inspections, and other permit-related issues.

You may also schedule inspections through the On-Line Daily Inspection Sequence List. Using this list, you can estimate a two-hour window of time for an inspection. However, this is not a guaranteed window of time.

To schedule an inspection, you will need your permit number. You can find this number on the permit application or on your permit card.

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