Uses of Pallet Collars and Pallet Lids

Pallet collars and lids are two of the best solutions which are used to satisfy all of the needs of high-quality transport of products.

What are pallet lids and collars?
They are a modern and effective option used to secure conventional wooden boxes. Such equipment is able to provide the ideal solution for packaging, storage and transport of products that should stay secure and protected.

Collars are built using 4 to 6 wooden boards along with metallic hinges in each corner to hold the boards together. They are kept above conventional wooden pallets to form a box-shaped storage. There is no need for any assembly, and they simply slot in a secure fashion above the pallet. These can be stacked easily, which enables height and flexibility, all at affordable rates.

The hinges permit pallet collars to be collapsed when not in use. This feature has mainly contributed to their rising popularity, particularly for businesses that are conscious about space. Collars and lids can be adapted as per various needs of business.

Pallet collars are so popular that currently, over 20,000,000 products are produced every year. They are highly durable.

Lids and collars are economical and convenient options for those who require efficient and modern packaging solutions. They are perfect for products of irregular shape and heavy weight. They are a great alternative for made-to-order traditional wooden crates.

Because of their simple design, they permit one to construct a crate of any height. Complete adaptability of dimensions and solid hinges provides the potential of keeping pallet extensions fit on a pallet because of which the height of the solid boxes can be adjusted on one’s own.

Pallet collars typically comprise 4 or 6 planks along with a corresponding number of hinges. These ensure the stable positioning of the pallet extension and folding of the extension when it is not in use. Collars are designed in 3 dimensions: 1200 x 1000 mm,1200 x 800 mm and 600 x 800 mm.

These match the respective dimensions of wood pallets. The average height of the extension is 200 mm. Pallet collars are easy to install. The extension is placed securely on the pallet and, when not in use, can be stacked and folded, thus saving space in the warehouse.


Pallet collars and lids have the following benefits:

● Protection of products
Pallet collars and lids help in holding and protecting goods that are loaded on pallets. Since certain products that are loaded on pallets might be unstable, it is important to make use of suitable protection to avoid any damage during storage or loading. Such functions are performed by collars and lids. Once mounted, they secure the load from sliding or falling to the sides.

Lids are a standard accessory to compliment boxes made of pallet collars. All lid models offer protection from above, and because of suitable construction, they do not slide away from the extensions.

For instance, a wooden 1200 x 800 lid is equipped with two slats for stabilization, preventing goods from moving during transport. Such lids may be rented or bought, and one need not worry about the quality of wood if it is IPPC certified. One can also select other options for lids that protect products against moisture or dirt, like OSB boards or plywood covers.

Various accessories can be used to secure collars during storage or transport. For instance, there are plastic corners that help in the direct stacking of pallets on the extensions arranged on the pallets. These help in preventing pallets that stand directly upon the extension from sliding away. In turn, the distance corners offer access to the products placed in the pallet below without having to remove each pallet from the stack to reach it.

● Space saving
Because of their unique design, pallet collars may serve as an excellent tool for saving space, both in the warehouse and while cargo is being transported. Through the use of pallet collars, one can stack wood pallets more effectively without any worry about damage to one’s cargo.
Besides such protection, collars are space saving, making storage more effective. Because they can be collapsed easily, pallet collars will not occupy extra space when not in use.

When the pallets are stocked one upon the other, pallet collars can form a stack. Personnel of the transport and storage industry prefer this option because they are portable, durable, and light. Usual dimensions of the extensions are: 1000x 1200 mm, 800×1000 mm and 600x 800 mm. After they are folded, collars take up much less space, lowering cost in return transport.

When not in use, the hinges permit the pallet collar to be folded. This is why collars are so popular. Their flexible design helps them to be adapted as per various requirements of businesses.

In sum, from delivery to storage, pallet collars and pallet lids help companies in maintaining product safety while lowering costs.