Useful Tips to Take Your Kitchen to the Next Level

Life is incomplete without an awesome kitchen! It is a hub of spending quality time, exploring your culinary creativity. Your kitchen actually defines the vibe of the house. A cluttered kitchen may even lead to an unhappy household! Even otherwise, well-organized kitchens can look outdated and bland. Astaneh construction specializes in kitchen renovation all over Toronto. Here are a few ideas on home renovation Toronto, kitchen edition. Use these tips to level up your daily cooking experience.

  1. Color palette

One of the primary tasks of kitchen renovation planning is to choose a colour palette. Start with deciding whether you want warm colours or cool colours. Warm shades such as orange, red, and yellow create a vibrant, sunny ambiance. Metal fixtures with warm tones include brass, bronze, and copper. If you want to know the types of timber that go well with warm colours, pick up oak and cherry.

On the other hand, cool shades such as blues and greens create a restful environment. Maple is the favourite choice of homeowners when they need to exude a cooler tone. Metallic fixtures that complement a cool palette include aluminum, steel, chrome, and nickel. These essential combinations will help you design a great kitchen with some help from experts at home renovation Toronto.

  • Color theme

After you decide on the palette, the next task is to decide on a colour scheme. You can either go for a monochromatic theme. All-white kitchens are increasingly becoming common. Of course, you can also choose variations from other colours such as brown or blue. A monochrome kitchen is quite a revolutionary concept, and it may not be suitable for everyone. Discuss with the experts at Astaneh construction whether your kitchen renovation project is suitable for a monochrome facelift.

Otherwise, you can consult the colour wheel and choose complementary colours for your kitchen. These are those that are directly opposite to each other, hence creating a powerful contrast. If you think that is too bold, go for an analogous colour theme instead. This theme utilizes colours that are close to each other in the colour wheel. Both warm and cool colours can be used in this theme.

You can find inspirations from anywhere you like. The internet is a virtual treasure trove of kitchen renovation ideas with thousands of images. Take your time to browse these and handpick your favourite designs. You can also cite images from interior décor magazines or brochures. You can also hire an interior decorator to remodel your kitchen. Astaneh construction is proud of its expertise in home renovation Toronto and can recreate any colour scheme you like.

  • Modern or traditional

This is a fundamental option faced by every homeowner. You can either go for a swanky modern kitchen retrofitted with the latest appliances or settle down with a classic look, much like the way your mother’s kitchen looked. The appliances such as microwaves, refrigerators, and blenders would still be modern ones, but the overall appearance of the kitchen would be traditional.

This is also a popular choice for upgrades. Most homeowners who have had a classic kitchen opt for a complete remodeling into a modern look. Although somewhat rare, homeowners may also want to change a trendy kitchen into a cozy classic look. The kitchen renovation plan is entirely up to you, but whatever you choose, Astaneh construction can make it happen.

Features of the classic kitchen include highly polished wooden surfaces, patterned fabrics, and carved details on cabinet hardware. On the other hand, a futuristic kitchen emphasizes innovative designs, glossy metal finishes, and overall minimalism.

  • Use of space

A fundamental aspect of every kitchen is how you would use the space. Kitchens are typically small spaces that pack in a lot of things. Place an island in the middle, and you are left with narrow lanes to move around. However, there are plenty of décor options that can help you make the most of storage.

These include hidden storage options beneath islands and rotating shelves, among other things. These help keep all the necessary items within easy reach while preventing a cluttered look.  The use of reflective glass or metal cabinets near the floor can also create an illusion of a larger space. Employ these ideas for home renovation Toronto to upgrade your kitchen.

Keep in mind the ‘work triangle’ of the refrigerator, sink, and stove. Make sure that the design does not pose any obstacle in moving from one spot to another of this triangle.

  • Lighting fixtures

Astaneh construction can handle the entire electrical layout, including the lighting. You have three options when it comes to defining the illumination of your kitchen. First, you can go for general lighting, which creates a uniform ambiance. It can be done by prominently fixing a light from the central ceiling or on the walls.

Task lights are those that can be used for specific tasks. For example, you can have a task light in the cabinets or just above the cooking area. Finally, accent lighting is placed strategically to highlight different areas of the kitchen. Well-planned lighting is instrumental in setting the mood of your kitchen, so consult the experts.

  • Countertops and tiling

Unless you want to have a wooden floor, you need tiles. Practically an umpteen number of variations are available in tiling. You can choose anything from vinyl to porcelain and ceramic. Tiles create most of the visual appeal of the kitchen, so you should be attentive in making the best selection. You may need tiles for other areas of home renovation Toronto, such as bathroom remodeling.

As for countertops, you can have the traditional wooden or plywood ones. However, a majority of homeowners are choosing quartz or marble countertops. This is because of their unique visual appeal and longevity. Besides, they can be used whether you want a classic or a contemporary kitchen.


Planning your kitchen renovation work with Astaneh construction can make your décor dreams come true. Check out to know more. The typical cost for a kitchen project starts at $40,000. It can stretch up to $150,000 depending on the particulars and the scope of work. Call us for an inspection while you choose the best service for home renovation Toronto. Following a discussion, the experts will provide you with an exact quote and a tentative timeline for completion.