Useful Tips to Find a Perfect Wedding Venue in Kent

We all are aware of the high costs of weddings. Whether it’s a small reception or a destination wedding, the event may take a toll on your pocket. However, do you know you can save on a venue? You can choose your dream wedding venue in Kent without disrupting your budget. How?

Many couples choose the weekend to get married. Apart from that, the time between May and September sees the highest number of weddings. Hotels and venues take advantage of the peak season and charge higher than normal prices for these prime dates.

If you are going to book a venue for these peak dates, you’ll pay high prices. However, there’s still a way to get your dream venue within your budget. How? Here are some tips to help you out:

  • Pick an Out of Season Date

If there’s a peak season, how about getting married when wedding venues do not have many customers? For example, the time between January – April and October – December is considered as the offseason. These are some months when hotels and venues do not see many customers, which means you can strike a deal at the cheapest price.

Also, you can choose a luxury wedding venue that comes with lots of services, such as a golf course for a golf break in Kent and lavish amenities.

  • Choose a Date During Weekdays

Apart from the peak season, Saturday and Sunday are the days when most people get married. It is because many of their guests are free during weekends. In addition, Thursday and Friday have also become extremely popular days to walk down the aisle in recent years.

A smart, money-saving way is to book a luxurious wedding venue in Kent for a midweek wedding. If Monday doesn’t appeal to you, Tuesday or Wednesday can be a good day to get married.

  • Ask for a Special Deal

When it comes to choosing the best venue for marriage, do not settle for less. If you want to get married in a quiet, spacious place like Kent, look for a luxurious venue that looks similar to the place from your dreams. What to do with the high price? Negotiate.

Do not be afraid to negotiate. If you are getting married during the offseason, your negotiation efforts will work. Even when you’ve chosen a date during the peak season, there isn’t any harm in talking to a venue’s manager for special discounts. When you are booking the venue’s services for multiple days or getting luxury services like golf break in Kent, they may provide you with special deals to save money.

How to Book a Perfect Wedding Venue in Kent

While booking a wedding venue in Kent, take a look at the space and its services. Ensure that it looks similar to your dream wedding venue. Also, make sure there are all kinds of services and amenities that you may require, such as accommodation, menus, foods & drinks, and luxury activities like a golf course. Congrats on a beautiful wedding!