Useful tips to enhance your pay per click campaigns

PPC campaigns have become fundamental for marketing strategies. PPC or pay per click, is a new form of publicity in which advertisers pay a fee every time their ad is clicked. Nowadays, most of the campaigns in the Internet follow this strategy, as it has been a revolution for advertisers. Before PPC existed, it was very difficult to measure the results of their publicity campaigns. That is why the biggest advantage of PPC, is that its results are easily measured.

Because PPC is so beneficial, it is fundamental that marketing professionals focus on PPC management as it will be a very powerful tool for their marketing strategy.

In this article, we present you with 5 tips to improve your PPC campaign. By following them, your campaign will become stronger and more successful.



PPC ads appear when an Internet user searches for something related to your ad. As your link may be of interest to the user, he or she will click on it, that’s how PPC works.

However, you can try to put your link in new locations, so you can reach more users and generate a new necessity in those users. But you need to be careful, put your ads in sites that are slightly related to what you are advertising, because if you put them in sites that are not related at all with it, you might generate in the users a negative effect towards your organisation or the product that you are advertising.



DKI allows the advertiser to insert its keyword in the text of the ad. This makes that the ads are more relevant for the user, and in the long-term, it leads to better positioning on the web.


It sounds very beneficial for your campaign, right? However, you need to be careful, study the keywords you are going to use and do it properly, as if you choose the incorrect keywords, they could lead to the ads of your competitors.



Negative keywords allow you to exclude search terms for your campaign. This means that you cannot be triggered by a certain word. For example, one of the most used negative keywords is “free”, because the users that search for this word will want to find a free tutorial or free product, and that is not what you are offering. If those users that are searching for a free product, find yours that is not free, they will generate a negative attitude towards your product or organisation. For instance, if your company or client provides touristic accommodation like apartments in San Sebastian, then you want to make sure you add the word “free” as a negative keyword, because renting an accommodation is obviously a paid service.



Extensions allow the advertiser to show additional information about its organisation or about its products. Extensions will appear next to your ad with all the information you want it to contain.

Extensions will make ads more effective, as the user can know what the ad is about before clicking it, so the users that will click on it, will be users that are really interested in what you are advertising.



A fundamental part of your PPC campaign is revising your results, your pay per click or SEO agency can help you with this. By revising your results, you will be able to know which ads are not being profitable, and you will be able to remove them or make modifications to them. Moreover, you will also be able to see which ads are being profitable and exploit them more.


As it was mentioned at the beginning of the article, the main benefit of using PPC campaigns is that you can revise all your business results. This makes your strategy become stronger, as you will be able to make any modifications at any time to improve it or to change what is not working properly.

This article has been written by Leyre Ínigo Lázaro. She studied a double degree in International Relations and a bachelor in Global Communication at the University Of Comillas in Madrid. She is currently working for a digital agency on a project for clinica dental San Sebastian. Leyre is a very creative and determined person. She always has new projects in mind and love to overcome challenges.