Useful Tips for Shooting in Cold Winter

Winter has come and the snow weather is loved by many excellent photographers. Do you love the white winter and want to take shootings for the beautiful snow scenery? However, if you want to shoot a fairy tale winter, you must pay attention to the following tips. Maybe these useful tips will give you some help.

1. Correct time.

Do not think it is nonsense. The correct time here doesn’t mean snowing? You should learn to consider with photographer’s brain. Cape Town based Photographer Amy Green asks when the light is conductive to take shootings during the snow weather? Covering by the snow, when the object is shined by the sunshine, it will have multi-angle reflective. Therefore, we should avoid the harsh sunshine and choose a sunny day before or after sunrise early in the morning and evening. At this time, the scattered light is good to show the texture and layers of snow.

2. Practical equipment.

The temperature in the snow weather is very low. You should take a more professional and reliable SLR. Telephoto and wide-angle lens are good choice for shooting landscapes. In addition, you always need to carry tripod, polarizer and hood.

3. Take shootings when the temperature is below zero.

Below zero is the best temperature to shot snowflake crystal close-up. That is a wonderful shooting subject. But you need to make some preparations in advance. You can Google for the reason why snowflake crystal formed. That depends on you. You just need to remember that shooting snowflake crystal requires the extreme cold environment without wind and water vapor.

4. White Balance

When professional photographers take shootings for the snow scene, they often have the habit of checking the camera’s white balance settings. If your camera is set in a conventional automatic white balance, your output picture will be full of blue tones. In different scene, you’d better set the correct white balance manually. That’s depends on your mastered professional knowledge and your own feeling.

5. Add colour contrast

When you take shooting for the white snow, you will find that all the scenes are white from the foreground to the background. At this time, we need to add some other vibrant colours to make a contrast. That is good to reflect the layered feeling of the screen.

6. Do not use the flashlight

When we take shootings for the snowflake crystal, if we make use of the flashlight, the crystal will melt because of the emitting heat. Therefore, in order not to affect the shooting effect, you’d better give up the flashlight.

Except for the photography, you can also make the snow scenery into videos. For video shooting, you also should master some useful tips and skills. What’s more, if you are looking for the method of converting avi to iPad, you can try to make use of this professional avi to iPad converter mac to make conversion at ease. You can also add special effect to the output video with its video editing features.