Useful tips for elderly home care

Caring for older people can be difficult at times because, in addition to organizing their daily routines, you will need to help them manage their personal affairs. One day, you will have to take care of your aging parents or other elderly relatives just as they took care of you. Caring for your aging loved one needs to be planned for the long term. First of all, you’ll need to equip the house so that it would be convenient and comfortable for the older people of the family; ensure the health and safety of elderly relatives; help them solve money issues; or help a loved one maintain social ties. So let’s go over the basics of elderly home care.

If your parents are tech-savvy, a mobile phone is the perfect tracking tool. Sometimes children live at a considerable distance from their parents, and can’t be near them, even when they want to. In such cases, you can trust an experienced home care service that will not only accompany your loved ones but will also help out when they need help. You can count on the River Garden Home Care Agency. We offer high-quality and cost-effective home care services for elderly to support older people to continue living safely and independently in their own homes. 

Therefore, if elderly relatives live in your house, you need to prepare it in a special way. Even minor changes can save you a lot of trouble and inconvenience. Remove any excess furniture that clutters up your living space and prevents your caregivers from freely moving around the house.

If your parents or elderly relatives are left alone at home, you need to take care of their comfort and safety. Some families are installing special tracking devices for the elderly based on motion sensors placed in critical locations. There are no microphones or cameras in these systems so as not to intrude into a person’s personal space, but the sensors will send an alarm or warning message if something atypical happens in your absence.

Install grab bars next to the toilet and shower. They don’t look very aesthetically pleasing, but you can’t do without them.

Install smoke detectors with vibration or stroboscopic effect. Unlike traditional detectors, they will quickly wake up an elderly person in case of danger. Thus, make sure that all cables and cords are hidden so that they can’t be slipped or tripped over.

Place anti-slip rugs, strips, or pads in the toilet, bath, shower, and other hazardous surfaces in your home. It is also recommended to purchase carbon monoxide detectors, as it is dangerous for the elderly, even in low concentrations. Arrange nightlights strategically throughout your home so that when your caregiver goes to the toilet, he can easily find their way.

It is well known that if the elderly do physical education regularly, then they are less likely to get sick and remain younger. Start with easy and feasible exercises, when they get used to it, you can find other activities for them, taking into account their capabilities.

Make sure your parents or elderly relatives do not confuse the pills. Poor vision, forgetfulness, drowsiness, or other health problems may be the cause.

If you are busy and unable to care for your parents and elderly relatives, try to introduce them to their peers. This can be done at special meetings, hobby clubs or hobby groups. Even the simplest activities, for example, walking together, playing cards, going to the store and socializing, will have a beneficial effect on the well-being and mood of your loved ones. Remember, at their age, they need the company the most. Unfortunately, some older people choose to stay at home. As a result, they don’t get joy from life, suffer from depression and other ailments. The reason is that they stop seeing meaning in their existence. But life doesn’t end with the onset of old age and you need to convey this idea to them.

Love them, take care of them, because you have received this love and care from them for many years, now it is your turn to give these feelings. This work will make you happier, after all, parting with your loved ones is inevitable.