Useful Tips For Beginners To Stand Up A Paddle Board

Stand up paddleboarding is a fun-filled and relaxing activity. It enables you to explore the waters without floating in it. The sport involves standing on a traditional-style surfboard. It pushes you through the water resembling a canoe paddle.

This sport has got very popular in the past couple of years. This has led to its derivatives such as SUP Yoga, SUP Racing, and SUP Fishing. If you haven’t experienced “Stand up paddleboarding” before, and want to try it out, then here are some useful tips that will help you.

Select the Right SUP Gear

Another important tip for beginners is that you need to have the right gear that offers you overall safety as well as enjoyment. Choose the gears that are in accordance with your skill level and the environment where you will be carrying out the sport.

Go for a wide and thick all-around SUP for better balance in wavy or calm water, or choose a touring SUP to cruise faster. EZ Shopper is the fastest growing SUP brand in the UK. The company offers superbly reviewed boards at unbeatable prices. You can check out the entire range of kids paddle boards at

Use a Leash

Safety is a very important factor to consider if you are a beginner in this sport. It is advised to tether to the board using a leash. This way your board will transform into a life-saving device.  You get leashes in a coiled or straight form with calf or ankle type attachments to suit the paddling style and preference of a paddler.

Ensure you use the right paddle length

The length of the paddle also holds a lot of significance. Choosing the right length of paddles prevents you from bending over or stooping. This will help you preserve your energy as well as keep you stable on the board. The length of the paddle depends on the type of activity that you wish to perform. Ideally, it should be nine to ten inches greater than your height.

Check the direction of the wind

Another important thing that you need to check is the wind direction. The strong winds may steer you as well your board. This can make it difficult to paddle and push in whichever direction you want to go. So, be watchful of the wind directions before you hit the water. It is beneficial to check the weather forecast and water conditions for that day.

Learn the Right Paddling Method

For a beginner, it is also important to learn how to hold the paddle. You should hold it in a way that the bent section of the blade faces towards you. Also, check the hand placement. Do not place your hands very close as it can limit the intensity of the strokes. You may even get tired.


It could be difficult for a beginner to keep the head up and look directly in your front when paddleboarding. It is very essential to achieve a maximum level of stability. So, standing up on the board and staying on it can be a big challenge that a person should strive to overcome. Focus on creating a balance. Keep the head up and maintain a good body posture to enjoy this sport while staying safe.