Useful Stuff That Makes Great Birthday Present For Babies And Kids

Birthdays are special, but the first birthday of your child is the most important occasion for you. So, parents celebrate the first birthday with a big celebration. Have you thought about any particular gift and/or presents for your baby’s first birthday or a kids birthday hamper for subsequent birthdays! Mothers need baby products for proper baby care. Indeed, there is a whole bunch of stuff that your baby requires on an every day basis. Why not gift such items of daily necessity to your child? Let’s find out what options and possibilities are available for baby care that are worth gifting any baby, on his/her birthday. 

Baby Care Products

Babies need a lot of products. Indeed, mothers need to stock up on a lot of baby products for newborns till one year of age. Add to it the products that are not must-have, but are nice-to-have and can make the mother’s day-to-day life a little easier. They make excellent mum and baby hampers for the first birthday.

  • Baby clothes

Babies need a lot of clothes since you need to change clothes at regular intervals. Gifting a set of baby clothes containing several baby clothes and others can be a good idea. 

  • Diapers

Diapers save the day for moms and nannies. You need a regular supply of them. So, you can gift diapers to the baby on its first birthday. 

  • Baby gear

Apart from the regular stuff, babies need several baby gear like prams, strollers, baby car seats, carrycots, bouncers & rockers, high chairs, booster seats, baby walkers, tricycles, swings cars, kids scooters, battery-operated rides on and more. You can also make personalized kids gifts for your baby.

  • Sleeping accessories

Babies sleep for most parts of the day. So, you need to make sure that it can sleep without any problem. For this, you need a lot of stuff like a waterproof mattress cover, cozy swaddle blanket, comfortable cover sheets, baby mattress, cozy baby blanket, bedside sleeper, sleep sacks, sleeping bags, and more. You also need a mosquito net, a soft night light, a baby monitor, soothers, stuffed toys & pillows, soft cot bumpers, and more.

  • Breastfeeding and bottle-feeding accessories

You need stuff for breastfeeding and bottle feeding. This includes bottles and other essentials along with stuff like breast pumps, breast pads, milk storage bags, etc. Indeed, they make a great mum and baby hamper on the first birthday of your baby.

  • Solid feeding accessories

You also need a variety of solid feeding accessories like bibs, hanky, mugs, dishes, bowls, cutlery, placemats, high chairs, etc. 

  • Bathing accessories

Bathing accessories like body wash, soaps, shampoos, conditioners, powders, creams, and oils are some of the most essential bathing accessories for babies and kids. Indeed, they make good kids birthday hamper. 

  • Baby soothers, toys, entertainment stuff, etc.

You need baby soothers, toys and other stuff for entertainment and keep the infant in good 


  • Safety products

You also need a lot of stuff to keep the baby safe like belts, gates, guards & locks, a safety harness, etc. 


When it comes to gifting someone, including a baby or a kid, there is no end to possibilities and the options are boundless. You can even go for personalized kids gifts if you so desire. As a matter of fact, there are so many things which come useful from bathing accessories to feeding accessories and many more, when it comes to taking care of children, especially babies. All in all, you need to make sure that you are gifting something functional for the growth of the child and for the mom to take care of the baby.