Useful ideas to modernise your conservatory

Conservatories have indeed come a long way from those wooden lean-tos and those PVC palaces of the old times. We don’t see anymore those flimsy structures that felt as though a bit of wind could take them down to the garden. Do you own a conservatory in your home? If the answer is yes, is your current conservatory the inviting and cosy area you wanted it to be? There are many people who are disappointed with the ‘feel’ of their conservatory. Old-fashioned décor and malfunctioning entrance doors are some common complaints.

A very old conservatory with a plastic roof is frequently a pet peeve for property owners across the United Kingdom. Even though extra living space is always welcome, replacing a conservatory can be a daunting task. A large number of property owners simply do not know exactly what to do with their old conservatory to revamp it and turn it into a beautiful yet functional extension of their homes. At times it is the sound of the plastic roof under the rain, maybe sometimes it is the uncomfortable heat during the summer. No matter the reason, very often property owners in the UK struggle to enjoy their existing conservatories.

A conservatory can be a great way to add extra space as well as value to your property. However, being built mainly of glass, they have a reputation for being humid and hot during the summer months, and cold and drafty over the winter. However, thanks to modern insulation methods, your glazed space can be enjoyed throughout the entire year and with the ideal decor, your old conservatory can actually be transformed into a stylish and stylish space. Thus, modern conservatories are much more habitable throughout the entire year. In the old days you could maybe enjoy the conservatory area for a couple of months when it was not too hot yet, but in summer months it was a stifling furnace, and of course it was a walk-in freezer during the winter. While a conservatory is nowadays a much more inviting area in your house, many people still struggle with how to design and decorate this in-between room. To help you with these decorative issues, here are some ideas that will transform your old conservatory into a welcoming and vibrant space.


Furniture ideas

Very often a conservatory can actually act as a go-between from your house to the garden. With this in mind, it is very frequently an area where the natural elements of the outdoors are an actual inspiration; consider foliage and plants to decorate. This perspective of bringing the outdoors inside can be reflected in your choice of furniture. There are some who prefer a more lightweight option, so pieces of wicker conservatory furniture are at times more popular. Wooden ornaments and tables can accentuate an earthy theme even further.


Adding natural elements

Conservatories are fundamentally designed to let in lots of natural sunlight. Plants usually thrive in such conditions. Bringing nature indoors will generate a lush natural area.

The look, freshness and scent of indoor plants will definitely enhance your mood and generate a vibrant living area. With only glass separating you from your garden, why not fill the conservatory space with lush greenery to bring the outside in?


Replace the conservatory roof, consider a solid roof

This might be one of the best answers when we ask ourselves how to modernise a conservatory. A solid roof design is surely the most straightforward way of enhancing your older conservatory. A solid conservatory roof can transform a cold conservatory area into something that feels like a home extension. In case you are considering a sun room style home extension, a solid roof can be installed in your conservatory with any number of skylights that will help capture the sunlight, without losing heat or making the space too hot.