Use this MBA chances calculator to determine your likelihood of getting into an MBA program

To continue your business education, you may find it time to go to higher schooling so you can earn a master’s degree and boost your career! If this is the right pathway for you, you need to make sure you have everything needed to apply for a business course and succeed. 

Applying for an MBA program!

When applying to an MBA program, there are certain things to keep in mind before getting all of the paperwork ready. If you are unsure if you will be accepted into your dream school, consider using an MBA chances calculator, like one on CampusReel, that will help you determine the likelihood of acceptance so you don’t waste your time, money, and resources.

After you have determined your likelihood of acceptance is quite high, you can begin gathering the necessary documents and getting everything in order.

Step #1: Prepare your resume

One of the most important steps of applying for an MBA program after you have taken the GMAT and GRE tests is to prepare your resume and gather work experience credentials. If you have worked in a business setting, or you have an internship at a reputable organization, add these to your resume. Make sure you reach out to past jobs so they can speak highly of you in your resume and in potential references.

For your resume, you need to include your past education, GPA, university, and past work experience. Experts say that for your MBA resume you should add something that makes you stand out among the rest since you will be competing with tens or hundreds of people for one chosen spot in the MBA program.

Step #2: write a motivational essay

The next step in making your MBA application stand out among the rest is to write an inspiring or motivational essay that will make your application unique when compared to the competition. Writing a motivational essay can be cathartic and beneficial for the applicant, who can use the real-life experience to increase their likelihood of being accepted to an MBA program.

Experts say that with a motivation essay you should first brainstorm and write down all of the qualities of your life and personality that would make you desirable for the MBA program. Jot down ideas such as languages you fluently speak, trips that changed you as a person, family traditions, and more. 

Step #3: Gather recommendation letters

After you use an MBA chances calculator, like the one on CampusReel, make sure you gather recommendation letters from past work experiences so you can show your liability, hard work, and personable attitude. Professional endorsements greatly increase the chances you will be accepted into an MBA program since they boost your credibility and business reputation. 

Make sure you connect with old bosses and co-workers in advance so they have time to write recommendation letters that are unique, personalized, and well-written. 

Step #4: Brush up on your English

Although this may seem like a given, make sure your English language basics are brushed up and ready to go. Ensure you know the basics of grammar., spelling, and other English subjects that can affect how you may be viewed in a classroom or while turning in your assignments. If you can’t properly spell and form sentences, your chances of being accepted – and doing well – in an MBA program is much lower. If you are a non-native English speaker, make sure you earn high marks on the English examinations like TOEFL and IELTS.

Step #5: Prepare for your interview

The final step in applying for an MBA program is to prepare for your interview. You may find it beneficial to practice with friends and family and practice answering questions that may be asked in a professional business interview. If you know a few questions that will be answered, like your background, education, and goals for your life, brainstorm answers so you are ready ahead of time. 

For your interview, you need to have a good idea of a few things:

  • Why did you choose this MBA program to apply to when compared to thousands of other schools?
  • What are your career goals and interests?
  • Brainstorm important topics like future plans with the program, goals you want to achieve, cultural fit with you and the program, and leadership ideas.


If you want to apply to an MBA program, you need to first use an MBA chances calculator to see the likelihood of being accepted, such as one on CampusReel. Make sure you take the following steps, such as preparing for an interview, gathering documents, gathering recommendation letters, brushing up on your English, and writing a motivational essay. 

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