Outdoor dining spaces at a restaurant or a café have become quite popular these days. They not only give you a sense of safety and security because of Covid-19 restrictions but are also a great place to relax and have your meal under the sun. That’s why restaurant or café owners are trying to decorate their outdoor area with nice and cosy tables and chairs to attract customers.

Another great way to make your outdoor dining or lounging space more comfortable is to install outdoor restaurant umbrellas. These structures offer diners shade and shelter from the weather elements — both rain and shine — as they enjoy their food. 

There are literally thousands of options when it comes to choosing umbrellas for restaurants or pool-side lounge areas. The umbrellas differ in sizes and shapes — square, octagonal umbrellas, or round umbrellas — and can often confuse you. So we provide you with a list of café umbrellas in Australia that you can install in your outdoor space:

  • Outdoor patio umbrellas:

A patio umbrella is a piece of indispensable outdoor equipment to shield you from the sun, especially on hot summer days. A good patio umbrella can not only provide you with a cool shade on any outdoor occasion but can also be used as decorative furniture as it looks elegant and beautiful in any outdoor setup. These products are one of the most common café umbrellas in Australia and feature a slim centre support pole that makes them compatible with most outdoor tables. Patio umbrellas often come with their own base so that they can stand firmly without placing huge stress on the table.

There are different kinds of patio umbrellas in various designs, including, but not limited to the following:

  • Table patio umbrella: A table patio umbrella is the most common type of shade provider. As the name implies, a table patio umbrella stands in the hole of a patio table. You can use the umbrella in your backyard, pool, or garden so that people sitting around the table can get enough shade and enjoy themselves freely even during summer.
  • Commercial patio umbrella: Commercial patio umbrellas are often used in hotels, restaurants, or coffee shops. The outdoor restaurant umbrellas are a good idea that can not only shade you from inclement weather elements but also accentuate and uplift the ambience of a place and make it more appealing to customers. 
  • Cantilever umbrellas: 

Cantilever umbrellas feature a support base that is strong enough to make them stand stable on the side. Unlike a patio umbrella, the pole of a cantilever umbrella is designed on the side of the umbrella and not in the middle. This is an ideal umbrella for restaurants if you want to shade a big table as the umbrella ensures a larger movement area and increased access under its shade. They also feature height adjustment and rotational tilt function so that your guests are shielded from the sun’s rays. With no centre pole, they also give an unobstructed view.

  • Clear-span outdoor tent: One of the most popular choices when it comes to selecting outdoor umbrellas in Australia. They are quite durable and are known for their appeal and long-term usage. Another important factor is your guests can move about freely under the umbrella because it doesn’t have any interior support poles.
  • Custom printed pop-up tents: Now, which business owner doesn’t want to promote his product or brand? If you are thinking of using umbrellas to shade your outdoor dining space, you can order custom-printed patio umbrellas or cantilever umbrellas. You can promote your café or restaurant through personal customizations, like printing your business name and logo on the fabric of the umbrella.


The primary purpose of an umbrella is to offer you a cool respite from the sun and cover from the rain. Now that you understand the kinds of outdoor restaurant umbrellas that you can install in your outdoor space, you must keep in mind a couple of things before making the purchase. They are:

Tilt mechanism: Tilt is an extremely important feature in umbrellas for restaurants. It makes the umbrella more flexible than normal ones as it can shade you from the scorching heat throughout the day by pivoting its angle with the sun moving over the course of the day. 

Base: Wherever you plan to use and install your umbrella, you’ll want a solid and sturdy base to keep it steady. We always suggest our readers to buy a base that’s heavy enough to hold the umbrella in its place or purchase weights like sandbags, water weights, or metal plates separately. However, we must also warn our readers that if the wind speed picks up unexpectedly, the umbrella could easily be lifted from beneath, or be blown away. So it is a good practice to fold your umbrellas in the face of strong winds. 

Another crucial factor is to purchase an umbrella that is made of top-quality materials. While acrylic, Spanish recasens, and olefin are some of the best fabrics, you must go for aluminium or fibreglass when it comes to frames. This way, we are certain that you will be able to buy the best outdoor umbrellas in Australia.


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