Use Flutter to Upgrade Your Mobile App Development In 2021


“Why opt Flutter for Mobile App Development?” is one of the most common questions every product owner and entrepreneur asks while planning to invest in mobile application development. But Why not Flutter? After all, it’s a Google product based on a robust programming language called Dart. This fact already makes it a reliable option for mobile app development that can conquer almost every need of the market in the future with ease.

However, there is a lot more than this to define the supremacy of Flutter and its comprehensive features!

So let’s take this discussion deeper and understand what is exactly making Flutter an optimum option over other frameworks and programming technologies.

Highlights of the Content

  • Flutter: Overview as a Mobile App Development Framework
  • Key Figures of Flutter
  • Reasons to Use Flutter for Mobile App Development
    • Dart- A Robust Programming Language
    • Native Features and Advanced SDKs
    • Reduce Development Time
    • Hot Reload Feature
    • App Themes For Various Platforms

Flutter: Overview as a Mobile App Development Framework

Flutter is an open-source of Google’s high-end software development kits. These kits help you create elegant yet native-like apps for multiple devices like mobile, web, and desktop with a single codebase.

Flutter’s first stable version was launched in 2018 and is a comparatively young framework. But, It has received 121k stars at Github, leaving its rival framework React Native aside with 95.6k and also giving a tough competition to other programming languages.

Key Figures of Flutter

The market of mobile application development platforms worldwide is expected to reach a vast client population in the next five years. However, with the increasing demand for commercial smartphones and the advent of cross-platform apps, the growth rate of mobile application development platforms can be exceptional in the coming years.

Before you hire a mobile application development company for your project, it is worth analyzing the position of this framework in the market and understanding its scope in the future.

  • According to Statista’s latest report, Flutter is the second most popular framework for cross-platform app development used by product owners worldwide in 2020-2021.
  • A survey report of Octoverse has revealed that Flutter is among the five leading kits and frameworks for developing applications and websites.
  • According to Github, Flutter comprises the most trending repositories, and Dart has acquired the contributors in 2020-2021.

With these figures, it will be safe to say Flutter is the fastest emerging cross-platform application framework and may easily replace some of the best programming languages in the near future.

Reasons to Use Flutter to Upgrade Your Mobile App Development

There is no doubt that Flutter is picking up steam over various leading cross-platform frameworks like React Native, Angular JS, Xamarin, etc. But still, we are providing the following convincing reasons to use Flutter for mobile app development in 2021.

Dart- A Robust Programming Language

Most businesses look for the future of the programming language while choosing any framework. And since Flutter is developed on the basis of Google’s in-house programming language, It is a safe choice for you.

Also, the Dart language is designed from the basics, which ultimately makes it an ideal option for mobile app development. Moreover, this advanced language has a clear and robust syntax that helps innovative design and architecture.

Besides all this, Dart brings easy unification, maintenance, longevity, and standardization that several cross-platform frameworks actually lack.

Native Features and Advanced SDKs

Creating an attractive native-like application with Flutter is never challenging for the mobile apps development company you hired as it offers comprehensive software development kits for easy development. Besides this, it provides easy third-party incorporations, platform APIs, and local codes, which actually simplified the lifecycle of development.

Flutter offers an extensive SDK that can be useful and reusable for both iOS and Android platforms.

Reduce Development Time

Flutter’s official team has put their marvellous efforts into offering a wide range of ready-to-use widgets to help you in your application’s customization. They also save your time by writing codes for each widget from scratch.

With these ready-to-use widgets, you can even hire a mobile application development company with any level of experience to customize your application by using beautiful design patterns and top practices.

Hot Reload Feature

The “hot reload” feature of Flutter helps in speeding up the app development process and allows you to make instant modifications in the coding and reflect the amendments on the front end. This feature is also helpful in framing UIs and correcting bugs with ease.

The changes with hot reload are so instant that it eventually cuts down the reload time on emulators, simulators, and hardware for Android and iOS platforms.

App Themes For Various Platforms

Developing an application with the same codebase but a different design or look is possible with Flutter. It offers you a broad range of themes to build innovative applications for various platforms.

All you need is to hire a good mobile apps development company that helps you turn your product idea into reality by leveraging Flutter’s comprehensive features.

Wrapping Up

We hope you enjoyed reading this article and understand how Flutter is quickly emerging and leaving aside the leading cross-platform frameworks. It has excellent qualities, and the continuous efforts of its expert professionals have polished this framework to great heights. So, we can say that Flutter can be an optimum choice for your mobile application development.