How To Use Animations For Making Your Mobile App Engaging?

Nowadays, mobile apps are a need of time. A good mobile app must possess a good interface design and a better user experience. It should not only work well but also looks good. 

In today’s world of competition, you must design a mobile app that functions well and aesthetically pleasing, too. For this purpose, you can use animations to add an engaging element to your mobile app. Using catchy animations can attract the user’s attention and make an experience to remember for your mobile app. However, to use animation properly in your app, you can get help from a reputable Freelance App Developer Dubai

Moreover, in this article, we will discuss integrating animations in mobile apps to enhance their overall look and functionality. So, keep reading!

The Best Ways To Use Animations For Making Your Mobile App Engaging:

Now, let us tell you some of the best ways to use animations if you want to make your mobile app more engaging:

Animated App Launch Screens:

According to studies, app visitors get annoyed with delayed loading time. They expect the app to load instantly, but it is not possible in complex mobile apps. So, to avoid this, you can add loading animations to distract the users and make the wait time shorter and exciting. 

There are various animation types for screen loading. You can also become more creative by linking your animation with the theme of your app. It also helps you improve the branding of your company. This way, you can use animations to keep your customers hooked to your app.

Animated Login Screens:

Next, you can use animations as your login screen. Various apps require login before the launch. You can use background illustrations that help brighten up the login screen and keep users engaged during the login time. 

For example, some app developers use the time-lapse animation of a city to add excitement to the login process and time. These animations can also be used to distract the viewers when they are signing in or logging out. 

Animated Onboarding Screens:

You also need to know the importance of the onboarding process. It helps the first-time user to get recognizable with your mobile app. In some cases, it is observed that people leave the app instantly if they do not understand how to use it. 

Usually, developers use static slides to create an onboarding experience, but an animated walk-through is much more engaging and captivating. It will instantly add an exciting element to your app.  

Animated Progress Indicators:

It is a general observation that people do not like waiting for long while loading. You should make sure to design in such a way that your app works smoothly and speedily, but sometimes, it takes time to load a particular section. 

To overcome this issue, you can use animated progress or activity indicators to keep the users hooked. These animations can be linear or circular, and you can use undefined indicators for quick operations and defined indicators for actions that can take up to 2-3 seconds to load. For example, some food-related apps use food puzzle animations in the loading time. 

Animated Product Demos:

Creating animated product demos is a great way to demonstrate your product through animation. It can be used for both developers who will be working on it and also for the customers. People will be more likely to take an interest in animated demos as compared to static ones.

Animated Attention-Drawing Elements:

This type of animation plays an important role when the user interacts with your app. It provides a visual hierarchy with the help of moving visuals that catches the user’s attention. This way, you can direct the users to necessary details rather than spending time on canning the entire screen layout.

The Final Thoughts:

The bottom line is that the above are some of the best ways to use animations to make your mobile app more engaging. Nevertheless, if you want professional assistance for the proper integration of animation in your mobile app, you can contact an experienced mobile app developer named

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