Use all in one private browser with video downloader

All Video Downloader 2022 is a free mobile application available on Google Play Store having 1,000,000+ downloads. It is a private browser which supports download of all social media videos and websites in HD quality. The latest 2.4 version is better than all other mobile browsers with a download size of 10 MB, allowing faster updates.

Today, there are almost as many mobile browsers as computer web browsers. It is burdensome to choose the best browsing app according to your customized needs. The full-featured app offers:

All Video Downloader:

If you want to download videos for free from all popular video sites, you need this free video downloader app as a single solution to download videos. Video Downloader & saver supports multiple websites to download videos in high quality with various formats. This downloads videos from most websites. All download formats supported, MP3, m4a, MP4, m4v, mov, AVI, WMV, doc, XLS, PDF, TXT, etc.

Save Status

All Video Downloader has launched the most effective method to download trendy status which one can use it to publish on different social media.

Fast Video Downloader

The tool detects, downloads, and stores directly from the internet to your mobile internal or external storage. The good thing about this tool is that it automatically detects links from the Web browser, so you do not need to copy and paste them into the app.

Safe browser:

The browser warns you while attempting to visit a malicious website. Digital privacy is vital in today’s world, users want to avoid having their personal data used against themselves by corporations and government agencies. The application does not keep cached pages, or saved information about credit card, numbers or addressees. Other private browsers do little to prevent third party-tracking, benefiting the companies from the personal data of users.

Lite web browser:

The superfast mobile browser is seamless in surfing, easy to switch tabs. It helps in loading pages faster by saving on data consumption. Many browsers are switching back to the usual mobile browsers owing to the fact of mobile data getting cheaper and faster recently. The app developers still support the lite version to fulfill the main objective of downloading multiple files.

Block ads:

The pro version of Video Downloader App blocks all ads after paying a minimum amount. It prevents browsers from pop-ups or running certain scripts to more sophisticated extensions. However, the app lets you see only relevant ads. Online advertising is hard to escape because most of the search engines rely on advertising to generate revenue.

Built-in HD player:

The app allows playing offline videos supporting large files with a one-click downloader with the ultimate video manager. The video player supports all video and audio formats with feature pause, resume and delete the downloads.

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