US Trademark Lawyer in Israel

Individuals and companies that need a trademark registered in the United States and/or in Israel can turn to American/Israeli attorney David Page. 

US Trademark Law

For someone trying to build a business, having a registered trademark is of the utmost importance. This is true regardless of whether you are trying to build up an existing business or start a company from the beginning. Having a unique image that represents your business wil help drive your company’s growth and profitability. In addition, your trademark is a vital tool in preventing someone else from profiting off of your hard work by taking credit for your ideas – something that can dilute or diminish the value of your own brand.

Protecting your brand should be your #1 concern in today’s highly competitive market. Once you obtain a trademark for your company’s name, logos, slogans and other intellectual property you will be able to protect your branding elements legally.


David Page is a licensed attorney who specializes in registering trademarks in both Israel and in America. In addition, if you live in Israel and conduct business in America, or if you live in America and conduct business in Israel, you need a US Trademark lawyer in Israel who can register your trademark in both countries.

David Page provides the services that ensure that your application for a trademark will be smooth and worry-free in both countries. Your time won’t be wasted as you wade through the unfamiliar bureaucracy of trademark law – instead, you can put your efforts into your own business matters as attorney David Page’s office takes care of everything for you.  From the application to the approval process, you can sit back as David Page’s specialized trademark registration service does everything.

Cut-Rate Trademark Registration in the US

As with everything else these days, there are cut-rate trademark registration services that operate online. These services emphasize speed and low cost but their one-size-fits-all approach often results in the loss of your time and money – and then, you still have to start over again to get your trademark registered.

Making a Difference

When you register your trademark through David Page’s office, you’ll receive guidance and legal advice before, during and after the trademark registration process. All complicated legal questions will be thoroughly addressed. Most importantly, attorney David Page will review all documents to make sure that all individual issues are addressed so you won’t be open to future legal issues that can result from an improperly-registered trademark. These may include similar trademarks, “common law” unregistered trademarks that, while not filed with the USPTO Trademark Electronic Search System, might result in legal issues down the road.

David Page’s office provides highly skilled legal services for all types of intellectual property issues including US Trademark Law in Israel.  Regardless of whether you’re looking to register a trademark or handle a trademark dispute, David Page will represent you at the highest level.