US Market Launch of FamilyGo

  • Hyper secure all-in-one tracking and messaging application
  • No personal data collection 
  • No ads
  • Interoperability between iOS and Android devices
  • Secure platform for corporate collaboration and communications

FamilyGo, a hyper secure tracking and messaging application, has launched on the US market. The app is currently available in the Google, Apple, Amazon, Samsung, and Huawei app stores worldwide. Total number of downloads has exceeded 10 000 across all platforms as of November 2021.  

Privacy and security are becoming increasingly important to individuals, families, and corporations. With all the scandals surrounding privacy, there is a high demand and request for privacy. Tracker apps are expected to grow at CAGR of 11.6% until 2028. The global parental control software market is projected to grow from $1.0 bln in 2021 to $2.2 bln in 2028. On top of this, the GPS tracking devices market is growing at a similar rate and is estimated to be worth $3.4 bln *. 

On the corporate side, $6 trillion cybercrime damages are committed per year, which has become increasingly problematic as most of the workforce has shifted online.  The global collaboration market size is USD $48 bln and is expected to almost double to $86 bln in 2025 (growing at a CAGR of 12.7% annually). The unified communication market size is USD $167 bln and growing at a CAGR of 20.1% annually, projected to reach $416 bln by 2026.

According to Ivan Korol, Co-Founder and CTO of FamilyGo, “the application was originally created to meet the needs of my family and children. It was important to me to create an application that provided a safe environment for tracking, talking, sharing, and staying connected. I wanted to create a solution that provided peace of mind for my family members”.  

“However, as the pandemic set in, and most work environments became remote, I realized that bringing an additional layer of security to the workplace is equally important. FamilyGo today has all the features that provide a much needed layer of security to both private and work environments”, – added Eugene Miskevich, Founder and CEO of FamilyGo.  

Cross-platform app FamilyGo runs on iOS and Android devices interoperability that bridges family members’ varying operating system preferences. 

FamilyGo does not require or collect personal information from users. With a built-in messenger, users can send end-to-end encrypted, content-expiring messages, as well as photos, videos, and attachments. Other key features include a built-in tracker to make sure loved ones are safe, an alarm button that works outside of the messenger screen, family tasks and to-do lists, and a video nanny feature that keeps children, parents, and pets safe.

Business customers will appreciate the ability to have discussions that are not stored on central servers and auto delete from personal devices after a preset period of time (set up in preferences) and exchange files confidentially. Various access levels can be set up in the app, as well as easy division between work groups and family circles. As often as necessary, messages and files will be removed from your phone and the phones of your colleagues. There will be no meta data retained.

In July 2021, FamilyGo app underwent an independent security audit. According to security experts, FamilyGo meets the highest level of security standards out there, only comparable to online banking applications.

FamilyGo comes free as well as with a subscription, both of which have the same high level of security. The free subscription includes unlimited groups, members, and audio and video calls in one family account. Paying subscribers receive location and movement sharing options, geofencing, route building, safe driving monitor, nanny mode, and an SOS button.  

FamilyGo’s Founder and CEO, Eugene Miskevich adds: “We’ve tested our app with 10 000 users and have so far received very positive feedback. As we scale up, our goal is to become the leader in solutions for tracking and peer-to-peer messaging. As we move forward, we see the potential for developing several secure messaging apps, in-app products and wearable gadgets, including those for the B2B market”. 

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About FamilyGo app:

FamilyGo is a leading solution for family safety and peace of mind.  We connect families and loved ones within a secure app that offers unprecedented privacy features, including a no registration requirement, no storage of personal data, no transfer of personal data to third parties, an end to end encryption, and auto deletion of messages after a certain time frame.

FamilyGo is one of the only solutions in the world that provides complete security of communications for the entire family. With true end-to-end encryption, only the intended recipient can read your messages and access your personal data. 

FamilyGo is completely interoperable, working simultaneously on the iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, and Linux operating systems.

FamilyGo is available In English, Spanish, Arabic, German, Chinese and Russian.


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