Upclose Catch-up on Kim Hudson, The Textile Queen!

Kim Hudson is a Swedish Lady ,  Born and bred in Jonkoping Sweden, until she was 4 years, when she was moved to the United states, where she lived for the next 30 years of her life, before relocating to New Zealand. Kim is an entrepreneur in her best form . A strong lady with a heart of gold, like most people will refer to her . Kim is a Widow, and a Mother of One . As a go getter’ She is a proud owner of a Grand Textile distribution business line which  has its Faculty in New Zealand , and fast growing warehouses in 4 countries respectively . Kim Hudson is a lover of general nature and indeed, this made her venture into farming . She made a lot of fortune from her Vineyard , as her grapes farm products are sold to local manufacturers in the country. Of course as a diverse lady in numerous legitimate markets invested in , Miss Kim is a Licensed Share / Stock Broker with an excellent skill in a 100 percent outage when it comes to delivering her service in full.

Kim is an Experienced Owner with a demonstrated history of working in the design industry. Strong entrepreneurship professional skilled in Design Management, Textiles, Finish, Art Direction, and Weaving .Kim Hudson is the founder of Kim Hudson Inc., specializing in materials brand strategy, product design, development, and direction for commercial interiors.

Kim is currently partnering with Tarkett on Brand Strategy and Product Development, Creative Director for LUUM textiles, and Design Consultant for Tandus Centiva. She has maintained a distinguished career as a textile designer and studio Principal in New York City.  Kim is developing a new textile business model, being responsible for the development and direction of textiles for seating and vertical applications. This year Kim will debut her third glass collection with Skyline Design, where she has been a design partner since 2008.

Kim is known for her intelligent and enthusiastic approach to design in evolving markets, along with conviction to provide innovative solutions. In addition to her work in commercial Interiors, Kim maintains a hand weaving practice and creates woven sculptures from repurposed materials. Her work is exhibited worldwide, including MoMA and Art Basel, as well as collected by private and corporate clients.

Recently two of her upholstery fabrics, Line Language and Bonded, both for Teknion Textiles were officially acquired for the permanent collection of the Copper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum. Her recent awards include a 2016 NeoCon Best of Year Gold Award and Interior Design’s Hip Award for Tarkett’s Collections Infinies. Her debut collection for LUUM: Starting Point also picked up a 2016 Metropolis Likes at this year’s NeoCon. Kim was also honored in 2013 with the IIDA Titan Award, given in recognition of significant contributions to the Interior Design profession.