Unveiling Of The Mystic Stone: Moonstone

Throughout time, moonstone has been mystically connected to the moonlit night. The pearly facade seems like the clouds passing in the starry night. Moonstone jewelry has been mesmerizing the gem connoisseurs over the past few years with its profound meaning and glimmer. The association of goddess Diana made this a surreal choice for present time folks.

Why June Babies Love Moonstone Over Pearl?

The June babies have been blessed with three gemstones. These are alexandrite, pearl, and of course, moonstone. Although if you’re a June baby, then you’ve got amazing options. But the genuineness and lore of this gem have surpassed the mindsets of people from the rest two. Also, it is one of those trendy stones to keep you updated on any special occasion. Be it in the important meetings or the special galas. It suits you well for any event.

Rich Lore and History of Moonstone

Since our world is rich in cultures and thoughts, that’s one of the primary reasons behind several speculations surrounding the mystical energies of moonstone for years.

  • In Asia, there was a belief that after every 21 years, blue moonstones were carried by the tide. In countries like India, this gem is believed to bring luck and prosperity.
  • In fact, legends trusted moonstone’s magic and serene vibes. They usually slept beside this stone to experience sound sleep. And with fast pace life in present times, it’s a great aid for insomniacs.
  • Designers like Rene Lalique and Louis tiffany have taken a deep interest in this gem, thus featured this stone in custom jewelry. The artistic era in the 19th century used the same in handcrafted silver pieces.
  • In 1990, moonstone successfully provided its wearer with a desirable appearance during the flower child movement.
  • Highly appreciated stone by monks, spiritualists, shamans, and devotees. The astrologers treated it as a destiny seeker stone because of its ability to foresee the future by holding it in the mouth during full moon night.

Structure Fact of Moonstone

Moonstone belongs to the feldspar family and ranges in wide colors. It’s an iridescent stone that is available in colorless forms such as pink, peach, grey, green, brown, yellow, and blue. The adularescence in moonstone is the reason behind its playfulness. Also, the clarity differs from transparent to opaque. Moonstone is created of solidified moonbeams and is mainly loved in cabochon shape to boost their gleaming effect. On the other hand, the authentic moonstone is judged on the basis of blue sheen and clarity. Some moonstone displays a cat’s eye( chatoyancy)and is called rare gems.

Where is Moonstone Found ?

The best quality moonstone is available in Sri Lanka and the southern part of India. Other countries include Australia, Brazil, Mexico, and the USA, also have the varieties of this stone. The most demanding rainbow varieties are located in India and Madagascar. Adularescenct moonstone is also referred to as adularia. This name is associated with Switzerland, where fine-quality moonstones are produced.

Moonstone – A Fortune Seeker

Moonstone is known as a fortune bringer. Date back to the time of Sumerians when it was meant to gain spiritual energies. But in modern times, the avenues of moonstone have garnered attention. Not only stimulating divinity but moonstone is well versed in balancing emotional turmoils.

The intense power of this gem balances the health requirements and heals physical problems with ease. For instance, the issues related to the stomach, lungs, eyes are dealt with smoothly. Even some ayurvedic prescriptions include the usage of moonstone. The interconnectedness of the lunar cycle controls feminine ailments. It works well on PMS, irregular period cycles, and pain during childbirth.

Color Healing of Moonstone

Blue Moonstone – This tone soothes the mind and provides relaxation to the soul through its calming color energies. Well, this is one of the demanding varieties in the summertime. The striking color of this gem looks perfect when worn in the blue moonstone ring.

White Moonstone – This variety of moonstones provides clarity and purity in the thought process of the wearer. This hue sanctifies the negative emotions and allows one to explore the purest versions of their soul.

Peach Moonstone – The pastel hue of this variety imparts strong feminine health. A good choice for fertility and imbalanced hormones. Peach moonstone is good for healing physical issues and facilitates a healthy lifestyle by improving habits and daily routines.

Cleaning of Moonstone

Like other gemstones, moonstone requires proper attention and should be handled delicately. To clean, wash it through. Make use of a soft brush to clean the dirt collected within your jewelry. After cleaning, it’s advised to charge it in order to gain the lost healing. To charge, keep it under the moonlight for complete two days. This process will ensure the safety, shine, and hygiene of your loved gemstone.

The moonstone is appreciated for its shimmery glance that appears intriguing on the rings, necklaces, pendants, and earrings of this gem. The spectacular energies are the result of moon power, and that is evident in the fine pieces of wholesale gemstone jewelry at Rananjay exports. Explore the wide range of gemstones at an affordable price.