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If you are visiting AARP right now, you must know that if you take the membership, you are going to get so many offers that you are going to love a lot for sure. As it is well known, the best mission of the charitable organization AARP is to enable adults over the age of 50 to lead fulfilling lives. AARP is one of the biggest membership organizations in the US, with approximately 38 million members. Everyone can find something at AARP. AARP is a nonprofit group that was established in 1958 to assist Americans over 50 in living their best lives. AARP now boasts more than 38 million members and provides a comprehensive range of benefits and services tailored specifically to the special requirements of senior citizens.

People frequently worry about how they will continue to be healthy, active, and involved as they get older. Additionally, if they are retired or on the verge of retirement, they can be worried about their financial situation. Fortunately, AARP is a group that may offer assistance with any of these problems.

Advocating For Social Change

As an individual, every person should stand up and support social change and its betterment. AARP is dedicated to fighting for social change that will benefit senior citizens in America. The group collaborates with decision-makers at the local, state, and federal levels to advance laws that enhance the quality of life for senior citizens.

The topics that AARP advocates for include Social Security, Medicare, and the cost of prescription drugs. The group also promotes inclusive, age-friendly communities that are open to residents of all ages.


The discounts that AARP members receive on a variety of goods and services are among its most well-liked perks. Members may be able to save money on everything from travel to food to medical expenses thanks to these discounts. Through the AARP Travel Center, AARP members can receive discounts on hotel stays, automobile rentals, and cruises. Members can also get discounts on dining and entertainment thanks to initiatives like AARP Dining Discounts and AARP Rewards for Good.

Aside from these savings on travel and entertainment, AARP members also get reductions on medical costs. If you try to understand, then you will see that members can benefit from the AARP Prescription Discounts program to receive discounts on prescription medications at participating pharmacies.


Accessing a network of like-minded people is a benefit of AARP membership. Through regional chapters, online forums, or online communities like AARP’s Facebook page, members can get in touch with one another. For older people who are alone or lonely, these contacts might be particularly crucial. AARP gives its members the chance to network, volunteer, and improve their communities. The Create the Good initiative of AARP assists members in locating volunteer opportunities in their neighborhoods. Members can join advocacy groups like the AARP Fraud Watch Network or take part in activities like the yearly National Day of Service.

Health & Wellness

Here, you can also access services for health and wellness, which is another significant perk of AARP membership. Taking care of one’s physical and mental health is more crucial than ever as one ages. AARP provides a range of resources to support members’ continued physical and mental well-being. For instance, members have free or subsidized access to exercise programs as well, which is so good for the individual’s health.

To assist members in managing their healthcare, AARP also provides online tools and resources. Members can access the AARP Caregiving Resource Center to obtain information and help caring for loved ones, as well as the AARP Health Record to keep track of their medical history.

Volunteer Opportunities

The American Association of Retired Persons, or AARP, is a nonprofit group that provides its members with a variety of service opportunities. These possibilities include volunteerism, educational initiatives, and advocacy activities. Create the Good, an initiative of AARP, matches volunteers with local groups and causes that match their interests and abilities. Volunteers can locate opportunities based on location, cause, and time commitment. 

Through its numerous programs and projects, AARP additionally provides volunteer opportunities. AARP is dedicated to giving its members worthwhile service options and supporting their efforts to improve their communities.

Discounts On Travel & Entertainment

You can also access special savings on entertainment and travel, which is one of the biggest advantages of being an AARP member. There are so many people who are addicted and love to watch movies and travel at the same time, so this will be a benefit for those people. They can plan and enjoy a lot, for sure. Members receive discounts of up to 10% on lodging and rentals, as well as up to 25% on movie, concert, and other event tickets.

Also, AARP provides cheap travel packages that include lodging, transportation, and airfare. Members have a wide range of options, including well-known tourist destinations like Hawaii and Europe. This is an amazing website to visit, and after joining, you will have a lot of benefits.

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