Unlimited Data Plans are Really Unlimited for These 4 Plans

Unlimited as the term implies, meaning no limit. But is that really true when it comes to the aspect of internet data plans? In this article we are going to discuss this topic, we will explain if unlimited data plans are really unlimited or if there are exceptions depending on the provision of some internet service providers. 

But before that we need to have a better understand some certain terms;

What is unlimited data plan? 

An unlimited data plan is a type of mobile phone plan that provides the subscriber with an unlimited amount of data to use within subscription period. This means that the user can access the internet and use data-intensive apps and services without worrying about running out of data or incurring additional charges. Unlimited data plans are typically more expensive than other types of plans that have a set amount of data included each month, but they offer the convenience of not having to monitor your data usage or worry about overage fees.

On the other hand, the reverse is the limited data plan, which is a type of plan that provides the subscriber with a specific amount of data to use each month. This means that the user has a specific amount of data that they can use to access the internet and use data-intensive apps and services. An example is the MTN night plan 11am to 6am which is also a time based.

Is unlimited data truly unlimited?

In most cases, “unlimited data” plans from cellular service providers come with some limitations or fine print. These plans may have limits on the maximum speed at which data can be downloaded, or they may restrict the use of data for certain activities, such as tethering or streaming video. Additionally, these plans may be subject to “throttling,” which is when the service provider slows down the data speed after a certain amount of data has been used. So, while “unlimited data” plans may not have a specific data limit, they are not truly unlimited in the sense that they come with some restrictions.

However, some network service providers like AT&T and T-Mobile claim to offer truly unlimited data plan that doesn’t limitation to the speed of data usage or throttling. Although it is the most expensive of all their internet plan. 

Here are the 4 truly unlimited data plans

1. AT&T Unlimited Premium Plan. 

AT&T Unlimited Premium Plan

Formerly Unlimited Elite plan, it’s a wireless plan from AT&T network that offers unlimited internet access at full speed anytime any day with the period of subscription. It’s essentially is a wireless phone plan that includes unlimited data, talk, and text. It also includes access to the AT&T 5G network, unlimited talk and text to Mexico and Canada, and the ability to stream video in high definition. The plan is available for both individuals and families, and pricing may vary depending on your location and other factors however, the cost for this plan is $85 for 1 line and $50 for 4 lines monthly. Due to its non-speed throttling and data cap, the plan can be regarded as truly unlimited. 

You can get this offer from AT&T unlimited wireless plan page

2. T-Mobile Magenta Max

T-Mobile Magenta MAX is a cell phone plan offered by T-Mobile; a telecommunications company based in the United States. The Magenta MAX plan is a premium version of T-Mobile’s Magenta plan, offering additional benefits and features such as unlimited high-speed data that doesn’t slows down based on how much data you have used, unlimited hotspot data, unlimited in-flight Wi-Fi, and free Netflix subscriptions for certain plan options. It also includes T-Mobile’s “Essentials” plan features, such as unlimited talk, text, and data, as well as 5G access in certain areas.

The Magenta MAX plan is available for both individuals and families, and pricing varies based on the number of lines and the length of the contract. Customers can also add additional features such as international calling, data roaming, and device insurance to their plan for an additional cost. T-Mobile Magenta MAX cost $85.00 for one line and $200.00 for four lines monthly.

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3. Verizon 5G Get More

Verizon 5G Get More is a wireless plan offered by Verizon that includes unlimited data, talk, and text and access to 5G service. It’s one of the truly unlimited plans in the market because it does not slow down base on how data usage is transferred or congestion of internet tower. 

The plan also includes features such as Verizon Up rewards, which allow customers to earn points for discounts on products and services, and Verizon Cloud, which provides online storage for photos, videos, and other content. Other features of the Verizon 5G Get More plan may include HD streaming, mobile hotspot data, and international calling options. The plan cost $90 per line and $55 for 4 lines activation.

Get it from Verizon official website.

4. Cricket More

Cricket More or Cricket Unlimited premium plan is a mobile phone plan offered by Cricket Wireless that includes unlimited data, talk, and text. Premium features such as 15GB hotspot data, international calling including Mexico d Canada, 150GB cloud storage, and HD streaming may be included.

The plan cost $60 per line and $130 for 4 lines. You can activate this plan by visiting the cricket wireless website

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