Unlikely Tile Trends of 2020

You can surely call 2020 an unexpected year. Things were a lot different than ever. It modified the patterns and style of living, completely. It would be no surprise to look at how different markets used innovative approaches and tactics to withhold their relationship with customers.

As of now, one of the surprises in markets is the uproar of new trends and developments. Tiling trends, for example, have been totally different this year.

The Popular Tile Trends of 2020 Are: 


The monochrome, the contrast of black and white vanished for quite a long time and its sudden revival in 2020 takes us back to the 70s and 80s. The black and white porcelain tiles seemed outdated but this is not the case now. The bold contrast of black and white when adjoined with a bright color synchronizes to enhance the overall aesthetics. A monochrome lays a decent base for the interior. This base is dipped with a bold color to soften the stiff appearance of the contrast. Furthermore, the monochrome instills character to the elegant furniture placed. This trend looked to thrive this year because it adds a classic touch to contemporary design and art. The mosaic style within the monochrome is installed for a modern yet classic look. 

Rainbow Style: 

For people who think that black and white are so boring to be a part of the home interior, a new rainbow style is in for you. It is for those of- the adventurous- you, who do not hesitate from adding more colors to the homes. A rainbow style tiling is like a splash of colors that induces a peppy and energetic look to the interior. The popping colors amalgamate to outstand the overall look. These tiles are not simply restricted to bedrooms and lounges but are elongated in the bathrooms as well.

Herringbone style: 

Why not use plain tiles and change the placement for styling? A herringbone style offers you to style your wall tiling by simply laying them in a different pattern. This style was earlier used to style the wooden floors, but now they have made their way to walls of different areas. The articulation of these tiles with zig-zag styles is the signature art style of Herringbone.

Green Art: 

The wallpaper looks are popularly used nowadays. The green floral and leafy wallpaper art tiles are making their way especially to bathrooms and the living rooms. The reason why people heading towards this style is major because we have been locked in homes for quite a long time now and this style restores the outdoor look inside the homes.


Mosaic art style trends are currently gaining so much attention. Formerly, this tiling style was only used in pools but now it has made its way right into the lounges, kitchens, and bathrooms. The ‘so artist’ mosaic style is a component of contemporary flair and style. The wooden decorative tiles, pixelated tiles, and floral mosaic tiles are popularly used in the homes. These tiles add a natural segment to the modern style. The waterfall style, the wooden mosaic style, and flowery segments on the walls bolster a natural look.