University of Newcastle South Asia Business and Law scholarships

The University of New Castle is one of the most prestigious public universities located in Australia. The university was established in the year 1965. Over the courses of past decades, the university has ensured the provision of high quality and research-based education to generations, which has earned it significant international rankings.

The university is well aware of its responsibility for promoting education in underdeveloped and developing parts of the world. As a part of this initiative, the university authorities are offering “South Asia Business and Law scholarships.” The scholarships are also open for the Pakistani students who secure admission in the eligible programs.

This article aims to provide a detailed insight into the university of Newcastle south Asia business and law scholarship and the master’s program that is offering admission under this scholarship.

Top 6 Scholarship Based Master Study Programs at UON Australia

South Asia Business and Law scholarship offered by the University of Newcastle Australia provides bright opportunities for continuing higher education at the international level. The scholarship is valued up to 12,500 Australian dollars. The scholarship is offered to the eligible students as $2,500 per term of the semester program. In the case of a yearly or two yearly program, the scholarship will be paid as $5,000 and $10,000. Students can also receive an additional $2,500 at the end of their term, in case of achieving distinction.

The following are some of the top master study programs that are offering admission to the south Asian students under this scholarship program.

1.   Master of Business Administration

Master of business administration is one of the most popular study programs offered by the University of Newcastle Australia. The international students eager to join the program often acquire the help of best education consultants in Pakistan and secure their admission to get numerous professional learning opportunities.

The students enrolled in a master of business administration program will be able to polish their skills in key areas like Innovation & entrepreneurship, marketing, international business, health services management, and co-operatives and social enterprise management.

2.   Master of Applied Finance

With the advancement of society and innovation in the financial world, business operations have become quite complicated. Having professional knowledge and expertise in the field of applied finance is crucial for the success of any business. Therefore, the University of Newcastle is offering admission n master of applied finance program

The core courses of the master’s program of applied finance include foundations of business analysis, organizational behavior and design, investment analysis, financial institutions management, derivatives and risk management, and international financial management.

3.   Master of Human Resource Management

Currently, more than half the population of the world consists of youth, full of talents, professional skills, and experience. Still, they are struggling to find the right jobs and serve the world by their expertise. The major problem is the lack of experts in the field of human resource management. The university is offering admission to a master’s program to fill the gap and produce qualified professionals.

The students enrolled in the program will be able to develop expertise in core courses like human resource management and strategy, human resource and organization development, managing people in international contexts, employment relations, and negotiation and conflict resolution.

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4.   Master of International Business

Business in this modern age has expanded beyond borders. However, it has posed various threats to establishing the reputation and survival of the organization. Professional skills and expertise can help the business rise above such challenges. The master of the international business program offered by the institute aims to polish the skills of students and prepare them for a bright career.

The core courses of the program include managing under uncertainty, foundations of business analysis, organizational behavior and design, globalization, global business management, entrepreneurship and innovation, cross-cultural management, and international business strategy.

5.   Master of Marketing

The consumers of this advanced era are quite well researched and well informed. It is not easy to get their attention and manipulate them into buying anything. It requires some serious professional expertise. The master of the marketing program at the University of Newcastle is designed to achieve this goal.

The basic courses included in the master of marketing program include marketing communications, brand management, services and relationship marketing, global marketing, digital marketing, and marketing research.

6.   Master of Professional Accounting

Accounting is the backbone of any business organization. Developing countries like Pakistan are now attracting international businesses, which are often repelled by poor accounting systems. The University of Newcastle is offering scholarship-based admission in the master of professional accounting program to provide an opportunity for development to the young generation.

Enrolled students will be able to polish their skills in core courses like management accounting, financial accounting, taxation, auditing, finance, law, economics, and business decision making. If you are also interested in the program, you can hire the service of the best education consultants in Pakistan, secure the scholarship and become a part of the institute.

How to avail scholarship and become a part of the University of Newcastle?

South Asian and Pakistani students who will secure admission in the eligible business and law programs will automatically receive the “South Asia Business and Law scholarship.” The scholarship is currently available for the students who commence their studies in 2020, 2021, and 2022.

So, all you have to do is to research the eligible programs and narrow down your interests. Fulfill the admission criteria of the university on time and wait for your approval. Do not make any mistakes and lower your chances of getting enrolled due to your confusion and nervousness. Get in touch with professional consultants to fulfill all the requirements and set on your international, scholarship-based education journey.

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