Unity metal glass clamps:

Beautiful, elegant and simple. These glass balustrade clamps are classy when you look at them and are light on the wallet.  Unity metal manufactures and provides you with every type you need, in every color and finish. These glass clamps mainly come in three colors that are matte black, original steel and golden that fits your need, including, floating staircases, cantilevered balconies and suit atriums which bring out the beauty of the disappearing horizon design.

It is designed for all types of glass fencings and balustrades. The very first thing you are going to notice from this smart glass clamps provided and manufactured by Unity metals is that it is totally opposed to traditional glass panels from the market because of its style and elegance. The sleek design is wall mounted which leaves to chance to provide unobstructed, unimpeded views and once these glass clamps are installed, they merge so well with the background that they almost look invisible from the internal viewpoints. The innovative and smart design of these glass clamps is readily available at our Unity Metal store. These glass clamps are made up of highest marine grade stainless steel and can also be used for concrete, timber, and metal. On top of all this, these glass clamps are highly cost-effective.  It enables you to use standard pool fencing glass as a substitute for expensive custom cut balustrading glass, which saves up to 75% of your total cost. These glass clamps are so smartly made that they allow you to make vertical as well as horizontal movements in easy steps, which saves precious installation time as compared to the standard systems.

Why choose unity metals?

Here at unity metal, we aim to manufacture ornamental stainless steel glass clamps and other products for those who are searching for something discreet, elegant and stunning. At unity metal, we make sure to satisfy our customers as best as we can so every product is smartly engineered and tested to the highest standards and comes with an extended warranty. To check and provide our customers with the best, we apply patience on every product to check the validity. Contact us today to find the nearest supplier and experience our exciting new product. Between the beautiful creations of metal unity and the fact that our goods go through rigorous structural and reliability tests and measurements to satisfy all safety requirements, there can not be a better selection for your elegant, sweeping tower.