Unison Corporation – Establishment in London, UK

Unison Corporation, a financial and foreign exchange brokerage group, is officially established in London, UK, on 8th November 2012. It is founded by Mark J Smith, who is a financial expert, and he aims to grow Unison to become a reputable brokerage group in Europe.

During the short interview session with the founders, they revealed that the company will provide various financial products for their clients, with the focus on foreign exchange (forex) for now, as it is the worlds largest financial product market, with a total daily transaction of up to 7 trillion US dollars. In addition, forex is also recognised as the most active and fair product as the market trends cannot be manipulated internally. Other financial products include futures, precious metals and CFDs, which are available for the traders to trade. 

According to Smith, Unison will also set up online trading platform, MetaTrader 4, which is the standard trading platform with newly added features that expands the functionality of the platform. 

“With MetaTrader 4, we are confident that we can provide our clients with the best trading experience. They can technical tools to help them with their trade, top up with the benefits of being able to trade from any browser, any devices, anytime, anywhere, with 24-hours customer support from Unison’s expert team. As such, our clients are provided with more power over their trades,” said Smith. 

Unison, as the name implies, delivers the meaning of “being united” to strive for excellence in providing best financial services to their clients. On top of that, with the tagline “Designed For Traders”, they aim to become the most trusted partner for clients and a global leader in financial services, offering personalized solutions for all. 

“In Unison, business is never just a business. We believe in making business personal. We commit people, capital and ideas to help our clients and the communities we serve to grow,” said Smith. 

The core principle of Unison revolves around safety, transparency and trust. Transparency of trade and funds safety are their utmost priority. At the same time, Unison is also regulated across a number of jurisdictions, which they meet strict capital conditions to ensure the highest level of supervision and safety of clients’ funds. They were entrusted with Canadian FINTRAC MSB license, which protects the legitimate rights and interest of investors. One of their future plan is to obtain the currency brokerage license of Labuan Financial Services Authority (LFSA) from Malaysia, if they expand Unison to Southeast Asia, which is in their 5-years’ plan.