Unique Nature and Beautiful Beaches – Nan, Thailand

Nan is not the first place that comes to mind when you are looking for travel destinations in Thailand. The province is located in the far north of Thailand and it’s not exactly near any major tourist attractions. However, Nan has a lot of natural beauty to offer including mountains, forests, rivers, beaches and cliffs. If you are looking for something different or want to experience authentic Thai culture up close then this should be your travel destination! Here is the basic overviews about travel in Nan (ที่เที่ยวน่าน).

Where Is Nan?

Nan is in the north of Thailand, on the eastern side and opposite to Chiang Mai. The province shares a border with Laos. While the region is encircled by mountains, Nan city’s altitude of 211 meters from sea level makes it one of Thailand’s lowest-altitude towns.

Things To Do In Nan:

Temples Of Nan

You’ve undoubtedly been to a plethora of temples while living in Thailand. They do, after all, make the most popular tourist sites in Thai cities.

I discovered, however, that temples in Nan have distinct features, which are unique from one another. Even if you don’t wish to go inside (except Wat Phumin), stop by to admire the architecture. The majority of them are within a short walk of each other. Here are some of the greatest temples in Nan city.

Wat Phumin:

Wat Phumin is not to be missed. You may enter any way since this is where people congregate after dark for supper near the night market. On certain days, you may even witness local acts. Apart from being a tourist attraction in its own right, the temple is well-known for its paintings on the interior.

To discover ‘The Whisper of Love,’ head to Wat Phumin. This is a mural at Wat Phumin that has come to represent all of Nan Province. It may be seen on T-shirts, fliers, mementos, menu cards, and pamphlets all over Thailand. A guy whispering a love poem into a woman’s ears.

This is the only photograph I have of it since it was closed off to visitors by then. The image really does speak for itself though, doesn’t it?

Wat Phra That Chae Haeng:

If you travel north from Wat Phumin (opposite direction as with the Night Market), there’s a hill that you can climb. Head up to Wat Phra That Chae Haeng for an amazing view of Nan City and the red bridge, which was featured in The Amazing Spiderman II film!

Wat Hua Khuang:

Head back south from Wat Phumin towards the Night Market again (or turn left out of Wat Phumin), travel along the road for about 200 meters or so. You will see a big pink wat on your left! Wat Hua Khuang is one of Nan’s oldest temples that was built in 1367 during the Lanna period, which makes it about 600 years old.

Another fascinating fact about the temple is that it houses the country’s first fibreglass statue (much like Madame Tussauds) of a human being. It depicts a monk sitting below the main figure. The artist then produced several additional figurines, which are on display in Bangkok near Thailand’s Human Imagery Museum.

Nan is a beautiful destination in Thailand, with its unique nature and picturesque beaches. With the popularity of travel increasing among people from all walks of life, it’s no wonder that more tourists are seeking out destinations like Nan to explore during their vacation time. If you want to experience this tropical paradise for yourself, you can also visit the blog about Hua Hin travel (ที่เที่ยวหัวหิน).