Unique Foods That Will Elevate Your Diet

As creatures of habit, food is a part of life where you can easily fall into boring and unexciting routines. While familiarity with food can be comforting, it can also be exhilarating to step outside of that comfort zone. If you are tired of your same old meals, try shaking things up with these unique foods and ingredients that will change your food game forever.


For those who enjoy a spicier flavor profile, kimchi is a must-try food. This delicious dish is made up of fermented vegetables, most often cabbage, similar to other traditional pickled foods like sauerkraut. This can range in levels of heat from mild to fire-like spice. As a staple of Korean culture, kimchi is most commonly eaten as a side dish. Today, many restaurants and adventurous eaters have been adding kimchi to eggs, grain bowls, burgers or in stews. If you like spicy foods, kimchi must be added to your menu.

Salt Alternatives

Salt can elevate your food preparation; however, this is also an ingredient that can have complications for those with certain health problems. What you may not realize is that you can use spices instead of salt as a healthy alternative. This can add complexity and flavor without sacrificing any of the taste or endangering your health. Give spices a try instead of salt and you will never turn back.


Cauliflower may seem like just another boring vegetable; however, in recent years it has gained popularity for its versatility. Whether you roast it, turn it into a soup or turn it into pizza dough, there are boundless ways to eat cauliflower. You can even make tater tots with it. Not only is this a healthier route compared to its alternatives, but it also gives you another way to get your daily vegetables.


Chickpeas are another versatile food that can amplify your cooking expertise. While roasting them is delicious, there are so many other things that you can do besides eating them whole. Whether you blend them into hummus or grind them into chickpea flour, these nutrient-rich legumes are a great addition to any diet.


For those that are looking for an alternative to animal-based protein, there is a whole world available to you. Jackfruit has gained popularity due to its versatility and similarity in density and fibrous texture to shredded meat. This fruit is full of nutrients, antioxidants and protein. If you are looking to incorporate more environmentally conscious food options, give jackfruit a try.


Another fruit that has wondrous health benefits is acai berry. You can eat this dried, in powder form, frozen or whole, but regardless of how you eat them, they are delicious. With a rich, sweet and somewhat tart flavor profile, these are bound to brighten up anything that you pair it with. Commonly seen blended in acai bowls or smoothies, this superfruit is a delectable ingredient to spice up any boring routine.


Tahini is a common ingredient in Mediterranean cuisines that offers a nutty and buttery addition to any dish. Derived from sesame seeds, it is blended into a paste-like substance that can be used in hummus, as a sauce or as a topping to any dish. If you want to elevate desserts, add this to a milkshake or top ice cream with this creamy, earthiness to make for a mouth-watering result.


Another earthy ingredient that is gaining popularity is matcha. Originating from Japan, you can now find matcha in recipes ranging from traditional teas to matcha lattes to cakes to green smoothies. This delicious powder can add bitterness and richness. If you like complex flavors, matcha is a must-try ingredient.


Another unique and green ingredient that has garnered attention due to its health benefits is spirulina. This is an alga that has been toted for being packed with protein, iron, copper and plenty of other vitamins. Adding this to smoothies, lemonades or even just a glass of water can have wondrous benefits.

If you want to shake up your diet and add some excitement, look no further. These amazing and mouth-watering ingredients will be sure to elevate your dining experience all from the comfort of your own home.