Unique Facilities by Wheelchair Taxi Dubai

Disable People Have Right to Live a Normal Life

Life is said to be the most precious gift to all of us from Allah Almighty, and all other things become secondary in front of it. Having a complete life to live means having everything. But we live in a society where some people cannot live a normal healthy life. Well, it means they are disabled mostly by birth or any accident. But those people also have the right to live a happy life. Being disabling or living a life of disabling is not as easy as it seems to be; they have to suffer a lot, and the top thing is the pain. Many disabled people are so energetic that they don’t even lose their hopes and try until last to do what they want. Or we can say that they are so heartedly-living personalities.

Enaya Car Rentals Said to Be the Best for Its Services

So, if they are not losing their hopes, then who are we to do this? Instead, we must help them in their mobility from here and there. We must have tried to create better ways to make them feel that they can live the life of a normal human being. So, being the best company, Enaya Car Rentals for people of determination, provides the best of its facilities to all disabled people. Since 2015, Enaya Car Rentals has been providing wheelchair taxi in Dubai to help disabled people move from one place to another. For all those in a wheelchair and who cannot travel, we provide them with the best wheelchairs to travel all around the UAE from one place to another.

Vast Range of Wheelchair Accessible Cars

We have a wide range of Wheelchair accessible vehicles for hire; once you get them on, rent them all yours till your required time is over. These different wheelchair accessible vehicles include Wheelchair accessible cars, Wheelchair accessible van, buses for the disabled, Rent van with a lift, and many more. These are portable handicap transportation services to all our customers, especially for disabled people, to make it easy for them to move from here to there all around the UAE.

Many Problems for Disability but One Solution

Your all occasional transportation needs can be fulfilled by having these handicap transportation services for all of you, either it is local or nationwide within UAE. We don’t only offer our Wheelchair taxi in Dubai for a few hours only. However, we also offer our customers to have these Wheelchair accessible vehicles, including cars, vans, and buses, for a longer time, like for a day, weekend, or even much longer with or without a driver.

Turn Disability into Mobility

For the first time, such a unique healthcare choice is being started in the Middle East because there were only emergency handicap transportation services before this. And these services were not to the extent that they would help disabled people. Enaya Car Rental is the first and said to be the most powerful healthcare or handicap transportation services. Wheelchair taxi Dubai facilitates its customers with the best of its services. It let disabled people convert their disability into mobility.

Availability 24/7

Enaya Car Rental is servicing its services in different areas all over UAE, including Dubai, Ajman, Abu Dhabi, Ra’s al-Khaimah, and Sharjah. The best thing about Enaya Car Rentals is that it serves its services, not for some restricted hours; instead, these Handicap transportation services are for all our customers anytime, anywhere, 24/7.

We Work to Achieve Our Motto

We Wheelchair taxi Dubai work day and night to achieve our motto that is to introduce the best and unique handicap transportation services to the healthcare industry of Dubai all around. is an integrated care program committed to facilitating all its customers with outstanding handicap transportation services to meet all customer’s expectations and requirements. We tried our best to deliver unsurpassed customer services to all—Enaya Car Rental or the only Non-Emergency Transport Services, which are now available 24 hours a day.

Other Unique Functions

  • We provide Rental locations across Seven Emirates of United Arab Emirates
  • Service to and from busiest airports in the UAE*
  • Side and rear-entry ramps and hydraulic lifts available
  • Professional demonstration of our van and equipment to operate vehicle and ramp system
  • Weekday specials and monthly discount rates, including discounts for veterans
  • Easy-to-use retractable tie-downs are equipped in all vans.
  • 24-hour emergency hot-line ready to assist you in case of an emergency Thus, we in sort are providing the best way to facilitate all our customers. Our main aim is to achieve our customer’s satisfaction, and we work hard by day and night to achieve it.