Unique Ceramic Pottery Is On Trend For Home Decor

Pottery and ceramics are timeless and ubiquitous. You will be using ceramics in your daily life, sometimes without even realizing it. Types of ceramics are used in sporting goods, computers, cars, electronic components, and roofing.

And, most people commonly use them for tableware, in the garden, and the bathroom and kitchen. There is a high chance that your kitchen and bathroom use ceramic tiles. The advantages of ceramics for this purpose include stain and scratch resistance, and they are easy to wipe down. Plus, they can be very decorative or add a clean finish to a room.

The world’s ceramics industry was worth $239 billion in 2022 and is predicted to have a healthy growth of 5.2% up until 2030. When you consider the number of uses that ceramics have from hair straighteners to cooktops it is not surprising this is a growth industry.

But, ceramics can be used to help decorate a house, and make it truly feel like a home.

What is meant by unique ceramic pottery?

Most kitchenware ceramics will be made in factories where items are mass-produced. However, there are ceramicists, artists, and potters, who produce small batches of work. These might be described as having perfect imperfections occasionally as the objects might not conform to the way mass-produced mugs and plates do.

However, hand-made colorful ceramic planters, bowls, and mugs, made in small batches can come in sets, but still feature unique differences in the glaze. What really makes them unique though is that when a batch is sold out, it may not be repeated, and if it is, it won’t be exactly the same.

Why use ceramics in the home?

One solid reason for using ceramics instead of other materials is that they are mostly eco-friendly.

Pottery production in itself is not all environmentally friendly, at least high-volume ceramic manufacturing isn’t. Small artisanal potteries are more likely to use traditional pottery methods and avoid nasty chemicals found in some glazes.

By using ceramics you can avoid plastics that take centuries to biodegrade. And The American Ceramic Society has reported on how the industry itself is concentrating on becoming greener with more support for reuse and recycling.

One simple reason to use ceramic pottery in the home is that it is long-lasting, another is that it can add style and color to your rooms, including the following ones.

The living room

Homeowners are said to spend about 4.4 hours every day in the living room. You spend more time here than in any other room except the bedroom so it makes a lot of sense to invest in the decor and surroundings.

You can use colorful ceramic decorations in a living room. Light stands, pots, and even Christmas decorations can be made from ceramic pottery. The handmade ceramics by Rhiannon Gill and other potteries include small items such as incense holders, to larger plant containers for adding some nature to your room.

A conservatory

Speaking of plants and nature, ceramic pottery works very well in a conservatory or a garden room. While your conservatory is attached to your home, it is a direct link to the garden, and introducing some plants is a good way to improve the decor and make the room flow into the outdoors..

Introducing more plants to your conservatory can improve your well-being in general. Plants help to reduce stress and can not only add to the aesthetic value of the environment but provide peace and calm too.

Some inspiring garden room ideas include using flowers and embracing the outdoors. Ceramic planters keep your flowers and plants protected.

The kitchen

You can use chunky imperfect mugs, ceramic espresso cups, plates, platters, bowls, and more every day in your kitchen. All of these will have that unique touch if you choose hand-made pottery. But, you can decorate your kitchen with some ceramic items too.

Colorful unique ceramic plates can be hung on walls, and small planters go well in kitchens where there is plenty of sunshine. Hang small planters high in kitchen windows, or use them on the window sill and grow herbs. Both decorative and practical.

The hallway or entrance hall

One of the most important areas of decoration is lighting. This often gets overlooked, but some beautiful understated ceramic shades could feature in the living room, dining area, or entrance hall. Use LEDs with your ceramic light shades to provide a more environmentally friendly lighting option.


Pottery is largely sustainable, and even when glazes are added, they can be recycled and reused in many ways. Using ceramics means that you can avoid plastics and less eco-friendly materials, and the options are varied.

Ceramics are on point again not just because of their eco-friendly qualities, but also because many potteries are producing unique small-batch products. You can use plates, tiles, planters, and even incense holders to add to your home’s decor. And whether you choose minimalist pottery or colorful glazes, your choices will last for years.