Unique Bathroom Renovation Ideas for 2021

Whether it’s because it’s no longer functional or because you don’t like the way it looks anymore, you might be thinking about redoing your bathroom. While bathroom renovation is a project that is done every few years and you want something timeless, you still might want to opt for a trend or two that is dominating 2021. Fortunately, some of them are here to stay so you shouldn’t regret your choice in the near future. Here are some unique bathroom remodeling ideas.

Bringing back the vintage vibe with gold and brass

Even though you could go modern with black and chrome, you could also bring back that vintage feel and incorporate gold and brass into your remodeled bathroom. For example, you can swap out all faucets and get new brass ones. Then, everything from towel hooks and racks to open shelves and toothbrush holders can be in gold. What is more, you don’t even have to make them all the same. There is no need for everything to match, so you can easily get some pieces in brass while others are in chrome.

Focusing on the light fixtures

In addition to incorporating the brass and gold details through faucets and smaller hardware pieces, you can also bring in new light fixtures in these materials. Whether you opt for completely new lights or look for previously used ones at yard sales, it doesn’t matter. What you should focus on is creating a layered look. With that in mind, you want an overhead fixture such as a pendant or chandelier to bring some elegance to the space. However, even recessed lighting can work if you bring in some ornate sconces and counter lamps that will create a cozy effect. Of course, you cannot overlook the importance of task lights near the mirror as you need bright lights to be able to put on your makeup or shave properly.

Installing interesting tiles

In case changing the taps and lighting fixtures is too small of a project for you, you can go bigger by replacing the tiles. As you surely know, tiles come in a variety of sizes, shapes, colors, and materials, which means that you have countless options at your disposal. For instance, if you want a drastic change, you can opt for a completely different color scheme and get black or navy blue tiles for the floor or the walls. On the other hand, for a more soothing atmosphere, neutral and earthy tones like tan, brown, and beige are ideal. Another bold move you can make is arrange the tiles in an eye-catching pattern. For example, you can opt for chevron, diamond, or hexagon patterns. Moreover, even the more traditional horizontal pattern can be interesting if you opt for a large-format tile.

Going with the industrial style

An approach that is not for everyone but you can think about introducing is industrial style. Fortunately, if you opt for it, there are many ways how you can add a touch of this design to your bathroom. For starters, you can keep the pipes exposed and paint them a shade of gold or brass. Then, look into industrial sinks and vanities as they come in a variety of styles that will surely fit nicely into your bathroom. Their sleek and modern look works great for smaller bathrooms so don’t disregard them if you’re short on space. Furthermore, they are easily combined with matte black fixtures, interesting tile designs, and even pops of color that you might implement through towels, art pieces, and houseplant pots.

Opting for floating elements

If your bathroom is lacking space, you want to look for interesting ways how you can make it appear bigger. From saving on space by opting for vertical storage to installing a big mirror, there are many hacks you can turn to. Something else to consider is getting floating elements. By keeping the floor clear, your bathroom can feel larger so looking into quality bathroom supplies like wall-mounted vanities and toilets is of the essence. These come in a wide array of styles, colors, and materials so you should have absolutely no trouble finding pieces that match your overall aesthetic.

Incorporating wood accents

To be able to properly relax in your bathroom, you can invite some nature inside. Besides adding houseplants that can survive high levels of humidity and low light, you can also incorporate some wooden elements into the space. For example, a statement wall covered in wood cladding can serve as an amazing focal point while you can also opt for wainscoting and only install panel molding that covers the bottom half of the walls. Remember to treat the wood to have it waterproof so that it won’t warp due to the humidity of the space. Other elements you can add for a wood accent include vanities, cabinets, and open shelves as well as details like mirror frames, bath caddies, and baskets that will help you keep everything organized.

Making a statement with the tub

Another way to make a statement is by looking for a unique bathtub. Depending on the space you are working with, you can either swap out your shower with a tub, install a tub in addition to the shower, or replace your current tub with a stunning new model. As the previous year probably increased your desire for relaxation, a soaking tub might be just what you need. While freestanding, flat-bottom ones are a bit more popular, you can still opt for a clawfoot model or something with a decorative base if that goes better with your design. Furthermore, there is no need to use a white tub. You can easily repaint the existing one in a bold color and completely revamp your bathroom in that way in case you don’t want a new one.

Adding a seating area

Perhaps you don’t have enough space for a tub or you prefer having a shower. In that case, you can consider adding a bench to your shower that can make it a bit more functional. There are a few options you can go with here. You can opt for a built-in bench that will be made out of the same materials but you can also add a teak stool to the shower. The stool can be used as storage for towels and various products until you decide to sit on it. Moreover, if you’re working with a spacious bathroom, you can keep a bamboo bench or even an upholstered armchair in the corner of the room to make it more cozy and comfortable. Plus, depending on the type of seating option you go with, you can even add some much-needed storage space.

Increasing storage capacity

While on the topic of storage, if you’re lacking space in your bathroom, you’ll be glad to hear that there is a lot you can do. In addition to adding an ottoman that can double as storage and placing various things on handy stools, you can also use wooden étagères that can easily be moved to wherever you need them. Then, you can always go for hooks and open shelves where you can keep towels. For a touch of elegance, you can keep all your toiletries and other supplies in mason jars and other interesting-looking containers. On the other hand, if you’re adding a shower or tub, you can think ahead and add built-in nooks and cubbies that will help you organize everything.

Investing in heated floors

If you’re thinking about completely renovating your bathroom, changing the tiles, and adding some new elements, a project you should consider is installing a heated floor system. It’s never pleasant to step onto cold tiles after a shower or early in the morning even if you have a nice rug and soft bathmat, which is why this addition is a great idea. Radiant-floor heating will not set you back a lot and it won’t be expensive to operate but will bring a touch of coziness that your bathroom might be missing. This is something you can do even on a budget as you don’t need a professional to install it.

Introducing smart technology

Lastly, think about adding some smart technology to your home. You can start small and install a smart toilet, for example. These have touch-free flushing and self-closing lids, making them much more hygienic than regular toilets. Moreover, there is also self-cleaning technology which means that you will not have a lot of cleaning to do in the bathroom. Then, you can also install a shower that can start on its own, a TV that will let you watch your favorite show from the comfort of a bubble bath, and voice-activated features that will allow you to control the lights and play relaxing sounds.

If you’re thinking about renovating your bathroom, there are many interesting projects you can opt for. From adding floating elements and wood accents to introducing smart technology and radiant floor heating, decide which feature you would benefit from the most.