Unique Art Forms That Are Seriously Underrated

What do you think of when the word art comes to mind?

Probably painting or drawing. But art is actually so much more than just that. In fact, the beauty of art lies in its diversity. You can turn almost anything into art because remember, art is all about expressing yourself and your emotions. And since emotions come in all sorts of different forms, so does art. Regardless, all art is beautiful and deserves to be appreciated.

And guess what?

We’re going to introduce you to some of the most unique art forms that are seriously underrated!

#1 Reverse Graffiti

Street art is quite popular in the modern world. In fact, street artists are actually acclaimed as proper artists which is obviously great. Reverse graffiti is a technique that uses semi-permanent or transparent images on surfaces like walls by removing dirt from the surface. So, instead of applying paint, you’ll be removing dirt to make a sort of negative image – pretty cool, right? 

#2 Light Painting

Light painting is yet another underrated unique art form that makes use of different light angles and colors. But in this technique, there are no paints or brushes involved – just lights and a camera. Exposures are created by moving a torch or other hand-held light to take a long exposure picture. The camera’s position is also adjusted accordingly to ensure a beautiful picture that could genuinely never be captured in natural light.

#3 Ice Sculpture

If you’re a fan of sculptures, you’re just going to love the unique art that is ice sculpturing! You’ve probably seen ice sculptures at parties or weddings but never thought of them as art, right? Well, they’re actually the same as regular sculpturing except that they use ice instead of clay. Only crystal clear, pure water should be used to make the ice for these sculptures. It’s the kind of art that not everyone can do – and only very talented sculptors can take on ice sculpting.

#4 Sand Painting

Sand painting also involves using different colored sands to your advantage and creating a beautiful design. This unique art actually stemmed from the Indian region wherein they call it Rangoli. Plus, sand paintings can also be created using regular brown sand for a monochrome effect. And though, these are some of the most beautiful paintings ever, they don’t get a chance to be appreciated as such since they’re so short-lived.

#5 Photorealism

The theme of realism basically implies something that is an everyday thing – basically, the everyday experiences of people. Similarly, photorealism is the art of creating a realistic painting/drawing based off a photograph. What’s amazing is that it’s actually hard for people to distinguish the painting from the actual photograph. And the fact that a lot of people aren’t aware of this unique art just goes to show how underrated it is.

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