6 Unexpected Costs Incurred By SharePoint Development Companies

SharePoint is a web-based cooperative platform that integrates natively with Microsoft workplace. Launched in 2001, SharePoint is primarily sold as a document management and storage system, however, the business is very configurable and its usage varies well among organizations.

According to Microsoft, as of December 2020, SharePoint had two hundred million users. There are numerous SharePoint development companies in the market to provide services to their targeted customers.

However, there are some costs incurred by the SharePoint development companies. Let’s have a look.


SharePoint’s greatest advantage—its simplicity and easy use—is typically its biggest curse. As a result of it being really easy to use, adoption is high. The downside of high user adoption is that the merchandise is employed inconsistently so style and governance standards have to be compelled to be created.

Time and energy must be placed toward developing and maintaining a SharePoint governance setup that outlines the kind of content that ought to be loaded into the system, records policies, commonplace processes, information constructs, and pointers for approaching and supporting SharePoint comes. IT leaders don’t have to be compelled to style a whole governance strategy upfront. Instead, they must do some initial coming up with and let their governance standards evolve to replicate dynamic user patterns.

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Change Management

Once deploying SharePoint, users can have to be compelled to modify their approaches to making and managing data. Given people’s reluctance to vary, a proactive modification management program is usually recommended. This could be as straightforward as proper communication from the manager sponsor stating the importance of SharePoint. It might even be an interior report, an e-mail campaign to push the right use of SharePoint, and “lunch and learn” demonstrations to present folks with a way how SharePoint will build their lives easier. The prices of the modification management effort can vary relying upon its intensity.

SharePoint Application Training 

Your user’s area unit is accustomed to SharePoint, and mistreatment of it to unravel a particular business downside (such as automating contract management or accounts owed process) generally needs some coaching. Coaching may be performed by your employees or outside consultants. Since SharePoint’s computer program is intuitive, the coaching effort for end-users is sometimes measured in hours instead of days or weeks whereas SharePoint directors may have some days of coaching.

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SharePoint Community Participation

The SharePoint community is in contrast to the other electronic warfare community. It’s collegial, invariably on and regularly increasing. On SharePoint Saturdays, as an example, SharePoint consultants volunteer their time to talk at Microsoft offices. There’s no charge to attend one of these shows, where many folks gather (a testament to the growing role of the SharePoint community.) SharePoint Saturdays area unit a good supply of data, however, you have to pick one to attend or the various SharePoint conferences happening around the world and issue travel expenses into your SharePoint price equation.

SharePoint Code Management

Once development takes place in SharePoint, it ought to be managed in a controlled and traceable manner. CIOs ought to invest in code management and plug-ins for Visual Studio or different integrated development environments that give the creation and management of SharePoint. The prices for such tools will zero in the many bucks to thousands of bucks.


After digesting all of this data, you’ll marvel if SharePoint prices all of the expenses. Managing enterprise data and processes isn’t a trivial exercise. Eighty per cent of enterprise data is kept as unstructured content. SharePoint provides structure to its content and makes it straightforward for users to seek out and access.

If CIOs treat SharePoint as ready-made code, the prices can so be heavy. However, if CIOs treat it as an enterprise data platform and content management system, SharePoint can yield tremendous value—and probably at a fraction of the value of comparable ECM solutions.