Understating All Aspects Of User Retention

Do you create content online? If so, then you must already be aware of the importance of retaining users for your content. Each day the numbers of people who have access to internet are rising all over the world. Along with the rising numbers, the amount of time that each user spends on the internet is also rising. In fact, among the young internet users, the News app and other such content apps are completely replacing the traditional media sources such as the newspapers and televisions.

While this rising number may sound as exciting news to you as a content generating app owner, it is important for you to realize that the competition among the apps are also rising. New apps are getting released almost every other day and in place of devoting their time to one app, the user juggles between various apps.

Problem Of User Retention

Given the number of choices available to the user, user retention has become a major challenge even for the leading content apps. It is thus very important to keep a constant track of the statistics of user retention in content app. Further employing some suitable changes to your app can also help in ensuring that your readers keep coming back to you again and again. Some of them have been listed below:

Positive On boarding

The first impression that the user has of your app, can be a decisive factor in terms of retention. By creating a positive on boarding experience, you not just encourage your reader to come back to you again and again, but you also increase the chance them recommending your app to other users in their circle. Some steps that you can take in this regard include easy sign up procedures and fast navigation through pages.


Users always have a positive impression of an app when they are treated as humans rather than statistics. In this regard, personalization can be a great tool in your hand. There are various ways in which you can personalize the app for your user. These may include greeting the users by their names as soon as the log into your app or offering the contents in order of their preferred areas and subjects.

Offers and Incentives

Another great marketing tool that has proven to yield results for the content apps is offering the right offers and incentives. However, the marketing of such offers have to be carried out in a seamless way so that you do not appear too pushy. At the same time your users should be able to recognize what are the added advantages that they can get through you which they are not likely to find in any of the other apps.

Final Thought

Employing these steps along with a careful study of your users and their tastes and preferences can definitely give you great results in terms of customer retention. Further, leading tech blogs such as Apxor also have detailed ways of measuring retention and analysis on how to improve them. Use them and make the most out of the growing market.