Understanding Various Ways in Which You Can Manage Back Pain

Usually, back pain is one of the common problems affecting most people in the world, and approximately everyone will at some point complain of pain, especially in the lower back, at some point in their life. In most cases, you experience back pain if you sprain your back while cleaning your house or working in the garden. Other medical conditions such as arthritis, old sports injury, or ankylosing spondylitis also cause back pain. Hence if you begin experiencing back pain, you are encouraged to seek medical attention, especially if the pain is sudden and does not go away, for your care provider to determine the cause and offer effective treatment. Therefore, if you are experiencing consistent back pain and seek relief, Healthcare Pain Centers LLC specialists provide a solution to your concern. They offer medical and home remedies to help deal with the pain and discomfort. And if you are interested in learning about various ways of managing back pain, read on.

How can you manage back pain?

·         Assuming a good sleeping position

Typically, when you are experiencing back pain, it can be pretty challenging to sleep, which worsens your problem since you are not getting enough sleep. In most cases, a poor sleeping position can also aggravate your back pain. Therefore, if you have back pain, you are encouraged not to lay on your back while sleeping but to try to sleep on your side, either left or right lateral position. It would help if you placed a pillow between your knees to help maintain your spine in a neutral position, thus alleviating back pain. But if you want to sleep on your back, you are advised to slide a pillow under your knees while still ensuring the mattress you are lying on is comfortable.

·         Have a good sitting posture

Just like a sleeping position, poor sitting posture can worsen your especially if you remain in that position for long. Generally, it would help if you did not slump over your keyboard. All you should do is sit upright with your shoulder relaxed, and the back of the chair should support your back. Doing so prevents you from straining your back which can worsen the pain. And if it is hard for you to sit upright, you can place a pillow between the seat and your lower back to ensure you assume a good sitting position.

·         Medications

Your care provider may recommend over-the-counter medications such as acetaminophen and NSAIDs to help alleviate back pain. However, some may cause some side effects that you might not like. In this, you should talk to your care provider about your concerns, and he may recommend other ways of alleviating the pain without taking them.

·         Physical therapy

The role of physical therapists in people with back pain is to teach them how to sit, move and even stand while maintaining a posture that ensures your spine is aligned correctly, thus reducing pain by not training or stressing your back. They also teach core exercises that aim to strengthen your back muscles, which anchor your back.

Usually, physical therapy helps form a strong core, preventing back pain in the future. Therefore, if you are experiencing back pain and seek relief, you can start by scheduling your appointment at Health Pain Centers LLC today.