Understanding the Importance of An Applicant Tracking System

About Applicant Tracking System

An applicant tracking system, also known as ATS, is a tool that can be used by employers of an organisation to track or manage job applications. This application allows the Human resource team to hire applicants faster while keeping everything organised at the same time.


There are a lot of Recruitment management software that has evolved a lot to include multiple features that help human resource managers to recruit candidates, post job opening on different job boards, choose the right resumes for a job, even schedule interviews and much more. 15 years ago this software was built to parse resumes, which has evolved into a strategic recruiting platform.

Recruitment management software or ATS has features like:

  • Import applicant resumes
  • Sorting the resumes
  • Candidate stage tracking
  • Sourcing the candidate passively
  • Job board management
  • Applications in multiple languages
  • Employee referral management
  • Apply from mobile devices
  • Interview candidates via video
  • Schedule Interviews
  • Give feedback regarding interviews
  • Analytics regarding recruitment
  • Performance analytics
  • Background checks
  • Provide & Manage offer letters for applicants

How Do Applicant Tracking Systems Work?

Applicant tracking systems are built to manage and recruit potential candidates, but at the current time, an applicant tracking system can do far more than just recruit candidates into the organisation. 


There are ATS systems that are web-based softwares that can perfectly integrate with a pre-existing website built for recruitment. Once an application is submitted, the software can then process and manage it for the HR team.


Other than accepting applications and parsing resumes, the recruitment management system can also help the human resource management team with the steps required after the hiring process. 


These HR softwares can schedule interviews and help speed up the recruitment process that can also provide the candidates with a seamless experience. What’s better, all this data is collectively stored inside one database that allows human resource managers to collaborate easily with the potential candidates.


What Steps You Need To Take To Find the Right ATS

It’s not easy to find an HR software like this for your company. Not only the software should be capable of doing things, but it also has to be simple to understand for employees of the organisation. Choosing the right applicant tracking system is important since it’s one of the most essential parts of recruiting talented candidates which leads to the success of the organisation.


Easy To Understand For Candidates

Before buying the software you need to ask the vendor for a company whose career page is supported by the vendor’s applicant tracking software and check how it works. You’ll understand how easy or hard the software is to operate and you can check the functionality it provides.

One important thing before you go ahead and buy this, ask the manufacturer or vendor whether this chosen software can track the experience of candidates or not. Always ask and clear your doubts before you make a decision.

Do these softwares keep your data secure?

In an organisation, lots of sensitive data is stored inside the systems that require adequate protection. This is why you need to make sure that the applicant tracking software that you’re going to buy has data protection features or not. Ask for specifics about standards and compliances if you work in a specific industry.

Does It Have Integration With Other Tool?

Before you start using an applicant tracking system, take account of your other softwares and check with the vendor if the software is compatible with integration or not. Check whether your partner portal needs another solution to integrate with before you buy.

Know The Team Who Built It

Before going with the software for your organisation you have to check who developed it. You have to check whether they are a good reputed company or not, what kind of service they provide to their customers.

Check the comments online and see how others have received it. Do they adjust according to the changes you require, do they provide assistance with the software, if they do, for how long? You need to gather all this information before you finalize a software as a right one can make your business but a bad one can break it.