Understanding the Essentials of Header Bidding

If you have a basic knowledge of the inner online display workings, you must have come across real-time-bidding, an auction-like process in the ads exchange for buying and selling of available ad inventory. But have you heard of Header bidding?


Header bidding is an advanced technology which serves the Google “waterfall” with state-of-the-art programmatic technique. It’s also termed as advanced bidding or pre-bidding, offering the publishers a systematic way to cater ad space to numerous SSPs or Ad Exchanges ensuring that every impression is sold to its highest bidder. Header bidding goes around two variations:


Client-side header bidding:


It includes a chunk of JavaScript to a publisher’s site, which beheads each time page loads, and sends to ask a third-party header supplier where the exalted offered wins.

Server-side header bidding:


It works comparably, but the demands are sent from an advertising server and not the browser.


Publisher benefits from header bidding:


Header bidding is a way for distributors to have a simultaneous sell-off from all the bidders, instead of the consecutive methodology that Google adapts.


More demand sources-


When compared with the waterfall setup, header bidding opens up a more pervasive supply of buyers, numerous of whom may something else not enthralled by picking scraps on the tail conclusion of the sell-off. The coordination offers to prepare, header bidding charter distributors to work with more promoters, both concerning array and nos.


Ample fill rate and revenue-


Most manifested sponsors taking part within the sell-off consequently accrual the chance of getting better and improved fill rate. Each impression is unloaded ideally by conceding offers from all the request co-conspirator. The reality stands that more sponsors can take a pursuit within the offering increments the in general income for the distributor.




Since stock sold on the per-impression premise, the distributor can keep track of the advertisement exchange information for each impression. Also, the system makes it easy for the publishers to vouch an impression that has been sold, while others are served.


Better management-


With the header bidding wrapper, it gets to be a cinch to oversee the auction. It could be a JavaScript tag that dwells on the publisher’s web page and makes an allochronic call to request aide. It’s used to tabulate numerous request accomplices while setting the rules to run the auction.


Benefits of header bidding for advertisers:


Though the header bidding procedure was designed to help publishers, it also offers the advertiser with two main advantages, and they are:


Access to premium inventory-


Sometimes, header bidding numerous distributors singled-out to offer premium funds idolizing private commercial centres. Thus, the lower quality stock was accessible on the open showcase. The sponsor presently has a total to see publisher inventories and can cogently offer and secure their advertisement situations.


A better reach of ad targeting-


With the boosting of technology, advertisers have a higher vision of the advertisements. It enables them to count the numbers of impressions and stats of website guests. Utilizing this information, sponsors can work, on their fixating on methodology more effectively. Again, it can moreover be gotten to simpler for buyers to wind up their group of onlookers at scale.


The acceptance of header bidding in the future-


Header bidding has begun picking up ground in the show promoting in 2015 and is set to move into portable and video as increasingly distributors begin to receive it. There’s be that as it may, the issue of Google that they “ended” header bidding in April 2016 by opening up, See to all DFP clients, and starting tests on trade offering in Energetic Allotment.




Thus, this will be a specified server-side usage which can make strides page-load time. In any case, the want to inclination stands the same. The publishers need to control over their advertisement inventories. It helps them to upsurge the advertisement dividend and figure out a way to decrease page idleness. With these, one can say header bidding is here to remain.