Understanding the Different Kinds of Crypto Faucets

Through the years, the cryptocurrency industry is on its upward course. More and more investors are seeing the benefits of putting their money into cryptocurrency investments. Bitcoin remains the most popular cryptocurrency.

The Challenge in Getting Bitcoins

Bitcoin mining is not easy. For those just starting up in this industry, you need to be familiar with the whole process involved in getting bitcoins. Some people outrightly trade or invest bitcoins on different channels. Others focused firmly on mining, while those heavily involved in games get their bitcoins from playing online games.

This is one of the easiest ways for anyone to earn free Bitcoin. It is costly but rewarding. If you think that this is not the road you are ready to take on, you can consider other options – crypto faucets.

What are Crypto Faucets?

Crypto Faucets reward cryptocurrency holders for completing specific tasks on a particular website or mobile application. They are called “faucets” because of the small amounts of rewards that you can receive. It does not require one to be a cryptocurrency expert. The tasks are easy to complete and usually involve completing captcha, viewing ads, sharing content, watching videos, and finishing tutorials and quizzes. The tasks would usually depend on the crypto faucet that the cryptocurrency holder has chosen.

Why Were They Created In The First Place?

It can’t be denied that crypto faucets are your sure way to earn crypto for free. They are specifically created for those who want to make Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies without spending their own money. This just means that the holder does not need to spend time and effort learning about digital assets and their complexities.

What are the Faucets then?

There are several faucets that you need to know that are currently knocking on bitcoin doors.

Here they are:

  • Bitcoin Faucets. These faucets were developed in 2010 to give rewards of five Bitcoins for every completed task.
  • Ethereum Faucets. This works similarly to Bitcoin faucets. The difference is that users of this type of faucet are rewarded with Ether for completing tasks. The user earns free Ethereum tokens and contributes to its advertising at the same time.
  • Litecoin Faucets. Users earn free Litoshi (LTC) tokens once certain actions on the faucets are completed. With Litecoin faucets, you get free LTC in exchange for your time spent doing tasks.
  • Bitcoin Cash Faucet. After signing up with a micro wallet to start using the Bitcoin Cash faucet, users can start receiving small amounts of Bitcoin tokens.
  • Monero Faucet. If you want to earn free Monero cash, then the Monero faucet is the easiest way to go. Like the other crypto faucets, you also have to complete captchas and watch ads to start earning Monero coins.
  • ZCash Faucets. Users can earn free Zcash by completing small tasks on these faucets. There are Zcash faucets that will allow you to claim free every day.
  • Tron Faucet. Looking to earn Tron tokens? Then the Tron faucets are the rewarding system for you to try. Start playing games, complete surveys, and refer friends to earn Tron tokens for free.


Earning cryptocurrency does not always have to involve you spending real money on it. There are now ways for users to earn them for free. So, if you want to kickstart your crypto investment, start with the faucets. Check out the recommendations as written here.