Understanding the Different Facets and Amazing Capabilities of Acquia Lift

Acquia, the renowned Drupal digital experience organization, has been involved in adding robust new capabilities for its personalization platform called the Acquia Lift. Numerous brands today, have found Acquia trustworthy in terms of efficiently handling their digital experiences and web presences including Cisco, BBC, the Australian Government, and Stanford University. 

Acquia Lift is supposed to be the SaaS solution of Acquia that could be used to generate contextually and why go for a six website for personalized digital experiences and it has been crafted especially for clients to enjoy the benefits of personalization quicker than ever before. It facilitates organizations in delivering personalized customer experiences in Drupal and even in some other digital platforms. With the latest update, we understand that Acquia Lift would now be including a much-simplified card-based, drag-and-drop UX having the capability of accessing, unifying, and personalizing content across Drupal, as well as, other digital platforms.

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Today with this advanced software, marketers could initiate their journey simply by gathering profile data and obtaining valuable insights into various buyer segments. The embedded syndication hub of Acquia Lift helps in unifying content across all these platforms and it further transforms what used to be a duplicative and labor-intensive effort. Today marketers can consider adapting easily to audience behavior and drive faster and positive bottom-line results and conversions thanks to their capability of targeting customers and prospects in real-time. 

So what is Acquia certification? The Acquia Certification is supposed to be a program for validating the knowledge and skills of professionals who are building solutions specifically with Drupal and precisely on the Acquia Platform. We understand that this program is known to comprise a series of relevant examinations and credentials that are useful to organizations and individuals alike for demonstrating their expertise. Some employers want Drupal site builders to be Acquia-certified. Moreover, numerous people take the certification exams for testing their knowledge and identifying gaps so that they could improve and become well-equipped with experience and knowledge.

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Some of the Novel Features of Acquia Lift

  • A/B testing and behavioral targeting.
  • Merging known and anonymous visitor profiles.
  • A new intuitive and card-based User Interface having drag-and-drop content targeting feature.
  • Content syndication and enterprise CMS integration from any source.
  • Real-time & adaptive segmentation.
  • Turnkey integration seamlessly with both Drupal 7, as well as, Drupal 8.

Acquia Lift for Boosting Personalization

As per https://www.forbes.com, a big player in the current marketing world is supposed to be personalization via custom software that allows you to utilize all your available information and data for addressing each consumer in a far more individualized or custom-tailored way.

In modern times, a personalized journey across an app or website is expected by consumers by default. We know that Acquia Lift has been delivering such experiences all along, however, the new UI proves to be immensely beneficial to the marketers in terms of crafting much-improved journeys for their clients or customers. 

The Lift has certainly played a pivotal role in elevating personalization and taking the customer journey to the next level. Since Acquia Lift is not supposed to be Drupal-specific, diverse brands could go about leveraging this flexibility for capitalizing on their currently existing technology investments. Flexible APIs and JavaScript tags make things easier for IT professionals to implement. Moreover, an intuitive User Interface helps in making marketers well-equipped for orchestrating their company’s personalization efforts and initiatives.

Acquia Lift allows customers to go about tracking their customers’ behavior all along their buying journey, not just for customers make money online and repeat visitors but also for anonymous visitors as well. Acquia Lift would be unifying profile data and customer content for delivering personalized and in-context experiences across user channels and customer sites.


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Top Acquia Lift Features

  • Efficient data collection.
  • Integration of both anonymous and known user data.
  • Adaptive, real-time, and multi-dimensional segmentation, and even valuable segment insights.
  • Real-time reporting.
  • Content distribution.
  • Automated content updates.
  • A/B testing.
  • Single customer view throughout different digital touchpoints.
  • Omni-channel delivery of content.

Amazing Acquia Benefits

  • For obtaining valuable insights into the preferences and habits of users.
  • For measuring the overall performance of content and marketing assets.
  • For getting higher conversion rates and engagement.
  • For facilitating automated delivery of personal and relevant content to the users.
  • For overcoming currently existing data silos and creating crucial individualized experiences.
  • For reducing launch cycle time and marketing spend.
  • For targeting users across practically all channels.
  • For cost savings and IT resourcing.¬†
  • Getting comprehensive audience profiles simply by assimilating data from a plethora of sources.

High-level Lift Drupal Architecture

The Personalize Module

The Personalize Module seems to be the key Drupal module that provides you with a vital personalization framework for building on. It is capable of handling things such as swapping out portions of a page using JavaScript, providing multiple plugins for extending the system so that it could perform many neat things. This could be easily extended so that you could put it to your use. Moreover, it comes free of any cost and is an open-source for plugging into a Drupal site.

The Visitor Actions Module

If you are thinking of boosting conversions, it is essential to keep track of security analyst those conversions. Thanks to Visitor Actions, a flexible framework is built for keeping track of all actions taking place on the site on either the server-side or the client-side and also a User Interface for allowing non-technical people to seamlessly set these up keeping in mind the campaigns. This boasts of an incredibly slick User Interface that could be utilized even outside of personalization mostly for things such as Gamification, Marketing Automation, and Analytics Custom Events. 

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The Acquia Lift Module

The Acquia Lift Module would be serving a couple of purposes. It helps by adding some good but not essential User Interface elements for personalization. Furthermore, it helps in connecting to specifically the Acquia Lift service.

Knowing the Precise Acquia Lift Service

Everything discussed above seems to be open-source Drupal’s modules and free then what is the exact reason for having a SaaS service? This should be working with specifically full-page caching. You would require the services for making certain important decisions on your behalf and that is precisely where Acquia Lift would be coming in. This seems to be an API-oriented web service handling A/B testing. The great thing about this test is that you could go on using the modules without service subscriptions.

Acquia Lift is known for supporting the previous and present major releases of the Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, and even Safari web browsers to capture important visitor data and demonstrate personalized content. In this context, you must remember that the administrative sidebar of Acquia Lift 3 would be supported for Firefox and Chrome.


You could take your personalization endeavors to the very next level with Acquia Lift. With Acquia, you could seamlessly integrate first, second, and even third-party data sources for painting vivid pictures of specific customer personas for targeting a person instead of the device he is using. Moreover, an integrated solution would assist you in considering all data and that may include geographic, technographic, behavioral, and demographic. Acquia Lift personalization solutions could help you in reaching customers anytime and anywhere. Now you could take pride in delivering digital experiences that seem to be global in reach but personally engaging and relevant across apps, websites, and mobile devices, etc. Acquia Lift is known for offering a complete solution for shaping the overall customer journey providing personalized and relevant experiences at every stage.