Understanding The Benefits Of Run Flat Tyres

Tyres are of different types and choosing one may become a very difficult task. The tyre industry is growing rapidly. Various innovations are giving rise to new types of tyres. You can buy the one that suits your requirements. But before you invest your money in buying a tyre set, why not fill yourself with a basic knowledge of one of the popular tyres: – the run-flat tyres.

What are Run-flat tyres?

Imagine yourself getting late for a meeting and suddenly your tyre encounters a puncture. What would you do? You may fix the tyre but that would eat up your time and you’ll get late for an important meeting. The client may cancel your contract or your boss may yell at you.

What if you were told that such situations can be avoided? Run-flat tyres Crawley will be your saviour during a puncture. You can continue with your drive for about 50-100 miles at a slow speed if these tyres are installed on your vehicle.

These are self-supporting tyres that can withstand a puncture effectively. They are designed in a way that the tyre compound doesn’t let the air escape at once. This buys you some time to reach a garage or a safer place. Run-flat tyres are known to provide safer driving experiences.

Pros of Run-flat tyres

Safety comes first: As the run-flat tyres enable you to continue with your drive, you can reach a safer place even after the tyre has been punctured. This allows you to escape from a dangerous area. You also get the privilege of reaching a garage or service centre to get the puncture fixed.

Stability after a blow out: One of the worst things to hit you is an unstable ride after a tyre blows out. You lose balance and the chances of a collision or road hazard increase significantly. However, run-flat tyres always ensure that you get a stable experience even after the tyre gets punctured. This helps you drive to a garage without worrying about an accident.

Say no to heavy vehicles: Vehicles that are not installed with a run-flat tyre weigh heavier. The additional weight occurs due to the spare tyre and tool kit. They may seem lightweight but are not. Run-flat tyres Banbury saves you a lot of space.

Cons of Run-flat tyres

A shorter tread life: Run-flat tyres are made of a softer rubber compound. This means these tyres wear faster than the conventional ones and you are forced to replace them earlier.

Rough rides: These tyres are made of a stiff sidewall, which plays an important role in retaining the air pressure. But this sidewall also results in harsh drives. The driving experience with run-flat tyres is usually rough and bumpy. You should buy these tyres only when you are willing to compromise with the smooth rides.

Heavy price tag: Run-flat tyres are comparatively more expensive than the standard conventional tyres. They carry a heavy price tag but the safety you get is worth the price.

Run-flat tyres carry their pros and cons simultaneously. The decision of investing in them is yours and factors like budget, safety, and performance determine whether these tyres are a perfect match for you. The safety feature still outlaws most of the disadvantages.