Understanding of Search Engine Result Page Elements

We all have been to the search engine result page (SERP) and we know how the page displays. It’s a part of our daily routine life as we heavily rely on the internet for carrying out several works, right from browsing to making bookings- there is no limit to what we do online. So, we come across search engine ranking pages several times a day but have we ever thought about how different those elements look after every search we do there. Which results are paid and which of them are unpaid aka organic. 

If the word paid and organic are surpassing your mind then you have definitely come to the right place. In this post, we have explained each element you see on the search engine and how differently these elements serve you for your search queries. 

So, let’s walk through the guide and try to understand its search engine ranking page ins and outs.

Search Engine result Page depends upon what you are searching for 

Yes, keep this point in mind that the search results will differ according to the result it shows for different searches. Let me explain this with an example here. Suppose you are searching for ‘Redmi phones under 10000 products on Google then the result displayed on the page will look like this as shown in the below-given image. It will be full of similar or same products you are looking for, showing you all possible items you intend to buy. 

The result will start with shopping results along with image and price on the top. If you too want to display your ad there then you will have to run Google ad to place your product there. After the paid results and website or products with ‘Ad’ written beside text are those that come after running a successful Google ad. Below these Ad results, organic results started. 

This, we took as an example to make it clear how & what shopping results look like. The results and page will be totally different if you search for information about a popular person like ‘Joe Biden’. The page will open something like this. 

In this result, you won’t see any paid results as they are entirely different from shopping keywords. In this context, you will also see a knowledge graph topping on the upper-hand right corner of the page. 

A knowledge graph contains a lot of information about the search term like the place of birth, achievements and spouse, and several other relatable information. From here, you get sound information without the need of landing on a webpage. Know more about the knowledge graph from here

When you browse through the result page

When you search a query on Google, Google shows you results based on your query, it can be a normal result, shopping result, news, image or anything. Like if you search for news, you get headlines from different sources on SERP ( Search Engine Result Page). With some search queries, Google can even show you results with a knowledge graph on the upper right-hand side.  Similarly, when you search for a shopping query, you see a lot of shopping results on your result page. 

Google also gives you an option to see filtered results and you can click on images and videos to get results in specific format only. 

What are sponsored results and ads?

When searching for a specific query, you get loads of results on your SERP (search engine result page), and out of the many are paid but many are organic. It’s a tough call for users to differentiate between the two but it is not as hard as it seems. 

Ads usually display on the front of the page whereas organic results appear beneath it. On some queries, Google will only show you 1 ad whereas some queries are fulfilled with multiple ads. It heavily depends on the type of search query. 

One thing you will notice for sure is that the word ads’ is always shown in front of the link to the website. 

What are organic results? 

Organic results are those results that are unpaid. In simple terms, the results come after proper optimization and when Google considers it as the best results fitting the search query in the best possible way.  Most of the organic results are work of SEO (search engine optimization) aimed at improving website visibility and its ranking. 

What are Snippets? 

Snippets are the accurate result Google shows you after iterating it from websites. In this, you will see Title in ‘Blue’. In rich snippets, Google shows you extra information about products. Along with information, you will be able to see the star rating, votes, and several other information that will in some way related to your search intent. 

What is ‘People Also Ask for’ section? 

You may have seen the term ‘People Also ask for’ near or within your organic answer. It gives you a direct answer to the question and these questions are related to the search query you typed in. When you click on the questions, you will get a direct answer. 

What are answer boxes?

A highlight box above every result appears when you type in a question in the search box. You will notice an answer boxed after every question you ask or type in the search field. They appear in form of paragraphs, bullet points and etc. 

Wrapping up

We hope you now have a fair share of knowledge about Search Engine result page elements. With this, we are wrapping this article now. We continue writing useful pieces of content to make you more and more aware of digital terminologies. If you want to learn more about digital marketing or stuff related to it then you can just scroll to our other posts. Also, you can write to us and give your kind suggestion to write on other topics.