Understanding Mid Marketers’ Challenges and their Potential Solutions

With the increasing competition and the desire to emerge as one of the flourishing enterprises, mid marketers are trying extra hard to streamline their business functions and establish an optimized workflow. The improved backend operations will render greater ability to leaders to end their daily struggles and focus more on strategizing and increasing profit margins.

However, when we talk about the complex business functions of mid size companies; there is hardly any solution available for them. As, most of the software solution companies focus on bringing the companies at the bottom of the pyramid on the top, and thus, the solutions are made affordable and simple to handle for them. No wonder these solutions are highly potential but aren’t very good at handling the complex business functions of the mid markets. Also, mid marketers don’t generate much revenue to afford expensive software that is built for larger enterprises.

So, mid marketers get back to square One. That is, either going for the less efficient ERP software or not using any ERP at all and relying on manual efforts. Both ways don’t work for them. 

Is there Any Solution Available Specially for Midsize Companies?

Fortunately, SAP Company understood the unique challenges of midsize companies and built software that caters only to mid markers. We are talking about the robust Cloud Based Software, SAP Business ByDesign. This intelligent comprehensive suite has been developed to motivate mid marketers to innovate and grab potential growth opportunities.

The software has been used by 5400+ customers worldwide and is available in 12+ local languages. This further supports the statement that the software helps in expanding your business empire to reach a global level.

Plus, since it is a Cloud based platform, everything remains on cloud ensuring that you never lose your data no matter whatever natural/man made calamity comes in. And it supports the growth such that when your business grows, the solution can be grown as well with flexible scalable options.

SAP Business ByDesign Module to help you Achieve Growth and Stability

Financial Management – The software optimizes and streamlines the entire financial and accounting management and renders the real-time data related to finance, cash and liquidity.

Manufacturing and Supply Chain Management – The software looks after the entire production unit from inventory and stock situation to machines, to creating BOM and final dispatch of the produced item. Also, its end-to-end tracking monitors each and every right from its dispatch till it reaches its final destination.

Project Management – The software integrates all the key areas involved in the project and enables a cohesive environment during the project. This reduces the miscommunication of data and helps users stay always informed and updated about the business situation.

Sales and Purchase Management – The software helps you keep a track of all the expenses made versus the overall profit/sales generated. This helps you intelligently invest in inventory and build sales strategy for your business.

Customer Relationship Management – The software improves customer engagement and customer experience by frequently checking into their due services and additional offerings. This also opens new opportunities to generate leads.

Also, SAP Business ByDesign comes in a transparent and easy pricing model that can be availed via subscription pack. And the functionality can be further enhanced to give you more personalized experience using add-ons. This way, SAP Business ByDesign proves its worth for the mid marketers. 

Raju Shahi

Raju Shahi is a tech blogger and digital marketer with several years of experience in the industry. He likes to help businesses stay informed and up to date with established and emerging technologies like SAP Business One, IoT, AI, Cloud, and others...