Understanding How CBD Oil for Cats Work

For most people, a pet is an important member of the family, and I’m someone who can relate to the feeling. Having a pet brings a lot of responsibilities to the table, and one of those duties we have as pet owners is making sure that your companion is healthy. CBD, a compound that is known as cannabidiol

But there are things we can’t avoid no matter how much we try. A good example of this is the health complications that arrive with old age. And for senior cats, growing old can bring a lot of physical problems, as well as increasing the risk of suffering from other diseases.

As mentioned in this article over here, even the diet and the lifestyle of cats drastically change when they have reached senior age. Normally, a cat would be considered an adult when they are between 7 to 10 years, and seniors when they are between 11 to 14 years old. A cat that is 15 or above is considered an elder cat.

One of the most commons results of reaching senior age is losing mobility because of joint inflammation, and the suffering of inflammatory diseases and pain-inducing physical conditions. Diseases like cancer or kidney infection or complication also cause a lot of pain to an animal.

Other pretty common consequences of cats growing older are losing their appetite due to a reduction of its taste capabilities. Their immune system becomes weaker, too, which makes the cat more prompt to suffering from infections among other health problems. In fact, losing appetite and weight might be one of the most common hints of a serious problem happening to your cat, so take that in mind.

Now, here’s where CBD oil enter the play. In recent years, CBD, a compound that is known as cannabidiol, has become pretty famous among pet owners. Not only that, even people who suffer from conditions that cause pain or inflammation are also using it.

But what’s so great about cannabidiol, to make people get them instead of traditional drugs?

The Greatness Behind Cannabidiol

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There’s a lot to know about cannabidiol and its many benefits, and since the research of this specific compound and its effect on animals is still too young, we can only count on testimonies online, which are many. Still, will cover the main reason why people purchase it instead of using other medicines.

In contrast to products containing THC and derived from the cannabis plant aiming to achieve the same results, CBD related products are often very low in THC. Just so you know, it’s this specific compound the one giving cannabis and marijuana its high-trippy like effects. And just so you know, pet cannabis is usually toxic for them. 

Now, you know that cannabidiol is rather safe for them. But is it actually as safe as to take the risk? Well, the main reason why pet owners use them instead of other medicines is that it causes mild side-effects in comparison to conventional drugs aiming to achieve the same benefits.

 The worst-case scenario might cause your pet to vomit, have diarrhea, or excessive drowsiness. And these three side-effects are pretty rare and can be easily avoided by providing the right dose.

Along with that, a great reduciont of joint inflammation and pain is possible thanks to CBD related products. This can help cats recover some or most of their mobility depending on the severity of their symptoms. Swelling caused by physical conditions and diseases is also reduced greatly thanks to it, which helps a lot when it comes to relieving their pain.

It’s also great for other mental conditions as well. Depression, anxiety, and stress are three things that can affect your pet in several ways, not only cats but dogs as well. These symptoms can occur when certain conditions are met, such as being in a unknown place, or being trapped in a kennel during a trip for long periods of time. 

In those situations, CBD can be a lot of help. If you want to know more detailed information bout how cannabidiol can help your cat, you can always visit this article

What’s so great about is that you can find it in several forms, such as oils, threats, food, and even candies. This gives you more options to try, and get one that works for you and your cat. If you are a beginner, you should try threats instead of oil, since they are much easier to manage, and providing the right dosage will be much easier. Start with a small dose, and go up until the effects of the compound kick in.