Understand The Quran With Translation By Joining An Authentic Online Quran Academy

Reciting the Quran without understanding is just reading it. There are 2 billion Muslims in the world. The translation of the Quran is important to interpret the message from verses. Allah has revealed every surah according to a specific problem. The solutions offered by the Quran are applicable in all eras. That’s why the Muslims can get guidance from the Quran in the darkest hour of their lives.

I always wanted to learn the Quran with translation. The busy schedule of my life did not give me enough space to recite the Quran with translation. I realized that I have wasted many years of my life. I promised myself to start learning the translation of the Quran. As I could not go to any Islamic center or mosque, I registered myself with an authentic online Quran reading academy. I selected the translation course. Being a female, I decided to select a female Quran teacher for learning the translation of the Quran. Although translation is not the same thing yet we can interpret meanings of the context.

Hassle-free schedule:

I contacted the teacher to adjust the timings of the class. I selected the time table of my choice for the online Quran translationclasses. I am free from struggle to be present in the class at a time that never suits me. After mutual discussion, we decided 8 o’clock in the night for the online class.

The teacher is a master of the Arabic language:

As the Quran is written in the classical Arabic language, it has become very difficult to understand it. The classical Arabic language is different from the modern Arabic language. The structure of the words has been changed with the passage of time. Likewise, every Arabic word has different meanings under different circumstances. The wrong interpretation of didactical symbols changes the meaning of a word significantly. The teacher is the master of the classical Arabic language. The students centered teaching approach satisfied me a lot.

A profound understanding of meanings:

The dedicated teacher helped me to under the translation in the light of historical circumstances when the Quran was revealed upon Muslims and how can we apply them in our lives. The online Quran translation showed that Hadith and Quran are closely related to each other. 

Effective communication skills:

The communication skills of the teacher are impressive. As I can only understand English language, the teacher uses the same language with me to make this process more convenient for me. The trustworthyonline Quran academy is conveying excellent services for learners of all ages irrespective of race and color.

Strong self-paced learning platform:

The teacher quickly analyzed my learning skills and she teaches me according to my capacity. Hence, I can easily absorb the lesson and apply the translation rules to it.

It has been two months that I am taking translation classes. Alhumdulillah! I can feel a visible difference in my learning skills. Although I am a non-native Arabic speaker, but I can understand the Arabic language with enhanced efficiency.