Understand The Difference Between Smart TV V/s. Android TV!

The market is flooded with an array of models, and in case you wish to buy one for your house at the shop, you get perplexed. The technical terms used by the salesman will confuse you more. You may want to understand the difference between Smart and Android TV sets. It is true Smart TVs are expensive. Android has more than 40% of the market share of the leading TV. Google started selling Android in 2014 and is based on the Android operating system. If you are at a crossroads struggling to take, decide; our write-up will help you. Shop Now on Alternate

There are all types of smart TVs manufactured by Samsung that run Tizen, OS, LG, and their Web O, TVOS, which functions on Apple TV, and more. All of these are smart TVs. You can view streaming apps no matter which OS runs the device. In short Smart TV can access watch as well as manage all online content in addition to the network-based media content. 

Smart TVs

Smart TV gives additional programs by internet connectivity. It can be said that the TV has a computer built into it. Smart TV has few built-in features which make it different from normal TV. The built-in apps like Netflix, Facebook, YouTube pre-installed. This TV cannot be upgraded, and if you want more apps such as Hulu or Kayo, buy a new TV as it becomes obsolete. The advantage of this TV is that it is a simple, user-friendly interface. No set up needed. 

Android TVs

Android TVs have the same similar features as Smart TVs. They are internet-friendly. It has many built-in apps. The difference is that it can link itself to Google Play Store and download and update apps as they become live in the store. The system sends message app updates. It has a vast app library. 

Android TVs add microphones to tv remotes—a Google product linked with Google Play, Music Movies, etc. The Google Assistant and people can ask questions sitting in one place. Some users find the system complicated more, so they do not know much about Android. 

Difference between Smart TV and Android TV

Application system

Both Android and Smart TV support many likable applications, but there is a difference in number. Android App store can possess more than 7000 apps. A few apps like Tizen, WebOS, YouTube Video, Netflix, etc. It works positively for Android in this competitive scenario. Android apps are optimized for the TV platform and bigger screen. With Android, you do not require a web browser as almost all the streaming and live TV services have an app for Android TV. 

Automatic Update

Android TV developers periodically shove new updates for different applications. In this activity, Android TV is better than a smart TV. The updating and streaming media resource in Android is better. The update is automatic. For Smart TVs, updates are difficult.  

Voice help

In Android TV, you can change channels and search programs by voice control without any extra device attached to it. It is through Google Assistant and Alexa. This is built-in. You can easily integrate your Android smart TV with voice assistance and other smart devices. 

You can manage apps switch channels search for the program you wish to see. It is hand-free activity. However, smart TV enters content input through the keyboard as smart TV does not have back voice control. 

 Screen mirroring and casting

Screen mirroring is a popular application directed to Android TV with help from an Android phone. It happens because of Google Assistant and the built-in Chromecast. Smart TV this procedure is impossible without attaching some compatible device. It means more cost. 

You do not have to pay monthly fees to view android TV. It is free. The only cost incurred is the cost of apps subscriptions before purchase finds out which subscription the manufacturer provides. 

Smart TV is easy to use because of its straightforward interface; it works better and operates faster than Android as the apps are limited to launch. Internet browsing is easy in Android due to Google chrome. The Smart TV can be upgraded to Android by Android TV boxes like MI box, NVIDIA Shield TV, Chromecast, etc. 

The individual should be clear about their needs and then make purchases. Android permits you to watch all live TV channels without the requirement of dish TV or a set-up box. Android TVs are not easy to use. Android TVs need boot-up time whenever it is turned on. The user-friendly interface is complicated. The android TVs are slow compared to smart TV due to the OS. 


Navigation through Android is not easy as compared to smart TVs. The interface is complex. Smart TVs are easy to use interface is user-friendly, and has some good features. 

You can change your normal TV into a smart TV with Mi Box, Nvidia Shield TV, and dongles such as Chromecast with Google TV and Fire TV Stick. The selection of TV will be your decision based on the requirements. Take into consideration the difference and limitations and your budget—the placement in the room and the audience who will be seeing it. Like in a doctor’s chamber, the patients view the TV as they wait for their turn. The attendant controls the remote, and at times it is roughly handled. Keep all this in mind. You need not often spend on its repair. The possibility of it being robbed cannot be ruled out. 

There have been rumors that android TV has been dead since 2015. Technically it is not to be believed as technology is present, and it has a future. Even without an internet connection, you can use the Android TV box

  • Live streaming can be accessed
  • Offline already games will keep you entertained.
  • You can link the gaming console to it
  • Watch downloaded content on YouTube streaming sites such as Netflix. 
  • Use a USB device to watch movies or play music. The user can get it from the internal storage of the device. 

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