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The due diligence is commonly conducted by investors to crisscross for regulatory and procedure compliance by the company repeatedly. The Due diligence of a corporate is generally functioned before any private equity investment, business sale, bank loan funding, and several other.

The Ken Research benefit clients to be pitch-ready by considerate their fund requirement and business model and craft collateral required for fund nurturing or for business sale/ acquisition. We curates and publishes ensuing deliverable:

Information Memorandum

Teaser for Preliminary Investor Interest

Financial Operating and Business Model with Scenario Analysis

Leaving Plans for Investors

Due Diligence is the procedure of examining all the material facts of an arrangement or a contract before a legal convention is signed by both parties. It is not just restricted to the buyers; even the sellers can function the due diligence on the buyer. The Due diligence of Ken Research consists of factual, background, legal, and accounting authorizations. This is done to guarantee that there are no astonishments after a deal is done.

Although, the Due diligence private limited company such as Ken Research work is multi-layered fashioned from the perspective of vendor selection based on admissibility checklist, purchaser testimonial and case studies/ feedback, financial health report We assistance the international firms to understand deeper concern their partners on trade union strike, management background, hiring progression and growth, leverage on balance sheet, support services crisscross and quality management in pre and post sales progression.

Not only has this, the Ken Research creation of Information memorandum (IM) and business plan reliant upon the investment required on each business function, probable financial performance on the basis of plan for next 5 years and exit policy Also supported the client on list of impending healthcare aimed seed funds and aided them in relating to them and be pitch ready.

Data points covered in IM:

Supervisory Summary and Proposed Transaction

Company Synopsis

Industry Overview containing Competitors (if Any)

Gap in the Sector – Pain Point

Products and Services/ Solution – Break it fills

Enterprise Business Plan – Revenue Streams, Monetization plan, Inter-relationship with other individuals in the ecosystem

End Users Size/ Acquisition Strategy/ Client Acquisition cost.

Recent Pilot – Test Case Scenarios (Phases Completed – Pilot, Phase I, Phase II) – Journey So far

Investment Compulsory

Roadmap for the Future Growth – Investment Employment

Whereas, in the Ken Research’s market research report privileged transactions embrace mergers and acquisitions, partnership, joint venture and collaborations and equity transaction sustenance advisory services. For instance, at the mercy of on the mergers and acquisitions the due diligence is done from the viewpoint of the seller as well as the buyer. Meanwhile the purchaser looks into the financials, litigation, patents and a plentiful range of appropriate information, the seller purposes on the background of the customer, the financial proficiencies to wide-ranging the transaction and the competency to satisfy commitments taken.

Moreover, the report of due diligence by Ken Research is truthfully be capable to convey winning corporate with information such that no burdensome contracts are remembered which could potentially maltreatment the prevailing return on investment.

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