Understand Conditions That Cause Extreme Toothache

People who have experienced toothache understand how painful it is. Also, they understand the impact of a general dentist to identify and cure the issue. There could be several factors that may cause tooth pain. It could be inside or around the tooth. However, most of the time, the best dentist in Huntsville can diagnose the actual reason and cure it for sure.

In most cases, sensitivity or collection of unwanted pulp in the root of the tooth is the main reason for unbearable tooth pain. If we understand toothache causes, it gets easier to follow the ways so the pain doesn’t occur again. Let’s understand the main reasons for toothache and when you should see the general dentist or best dentist in Huntsville.

Tooth decay: 

Tooth decay is the most common reason for toothaches. A cavity gets form because of the erosion of the outer surface of the tooth. Bacterial gather into a sticky layer on the tooth, and this layer refer as plaque. The plaque feeds on starches and sugars in food particles and generates an acid that deteriorates the tooth’s enamel. The decayed enamel creates weak spots and holes in the tooth and creates a cavity over time.

Tool pulpitis: 

Tooth decay that extends into the pulp of the tooth creates pulpitis. The nerve pulp is the tissue in the center of the tooth, and it consists of blood vessels and nerves. When the decay continues and reaches the pulp, it becomes inflamed and irritates. The inflammation increases the pressure inside the tooth and surrounding areas. When a person feels extreme sensitivity due to hot or cold substances, it indicates tool pulpitis, and one should immediately talk to the best dentist in Huntsville.

Abscessed tooth: 

When dental cavities are left untreated, the bacteria may build up in the pulp chamber. In the end, the pulp chamber tries to drain the build-up at the tip of the tooth’s root, which creates immense pressure. The pain from the abscess remains fixed and worsens with pressure from chewing. Approaching a general dentist is paramount in this situation to get protected from severe pain and swelling.

Grinding teeth: 

Some people unconsciously clench or grind their teeth while sleeping. The situation also refers to bruxism. Over time, the repeated motion pressure can create tooth sensitivity or pain. The general dentist advises a mouth guard to save teeth damage from bruxism.

Tooth damage: 

It could be an accident or injury due to any reason that causes tooth damage or crack the tooth. Cracked teeth may be sensitive to temperature or sweet or sour feet and can be extremely painful. Recognizing the position and amount of crack is important, so the treatment can be done. An experienced general dentist in Huntsville can recognise the exact issue and provide treatment for a cracked tooth that is causing pain.

When the damage is major and general dentist have the experience of the appropriate surgery, they either advise to reach out to the expert or give the reference to approach a surgeon for the best treatment.