Understand Best Data Collection Techniques

Why do top data science courses in Noida put so much emphasis on data collection? Data collection, by definition, is the process of acquiring relevant information to answer pertinent questions associated with an event. To improve any data science project, analysts put immense focus on the data collection process. We can say that the most important aspect of working in the data science industry involves data collection.

Types of Data Collection Techniques

There are two major branches of data collection techniques that analysts are taught in the data science courses in Noida. These are:

1 – Primary Data Collection

2 – Secondary Data Collection

Primary data collection involves the use of qualitative and quantitative data collection tools.

In the modern context of Big Data analytics, we can focus on digital data collection that is acquired from website forms, surveys, telecalling, and advanced social media monitoring tools, such as the ones that are used by social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. In terms of data acquisition models, the companies could either collect data themselves or buy it from third party sources.

These are labeled as:

1 – First Party Data, if the company uses its own data collection tools

2 – Third Party Data, if the company seeks data from third party sources

Data Collection Structuring

In terms of research purpose methodology, data collection techniques could be identified based on the level of investigative applications and processes involved.

These could be:

  • Structured
  • Semi-Structured
  • Unstructured

The simplest way to understand these is to evaluate an interview process that allows the surveyor or analyst to interact with the respondents and structure the data collection techniques based on their expertise.

Top Sources of data collection

Internet service providers remain the top source for data collection. These sources account for close to 45 percent of the total data collected and analyzed in a lifetime. Search engine results account for 90% of the internet data ever collected. Now, you can fathom the important role Google and Microsoft ecosystems play in the whole data collection research work.

The second top source would be Mobile data and telecom companies. These services work with data science communities to source data of various types and share these based on a company’s data science requirements.

GPS, Bluetooth, and Wi-fi

Do you know there are more mobile phones in the world than humans! You can imagine the volume of data that mobile phones generate every day, every hour. If we were to breakdown the data types produced by mobile phones, we can categorize them as

  • GPS/ Location data
  • Wi-fi data
  • Bluetooth data

E-commerce and online retail companies leverage this data for their targeting campaigns.