Underrated Things to thank your BFF for if you haven’t already!

From pouring a large glass of wine to holding back your hair when alcohol wants to leave your system, don’t you think that there are endless things that we need to thank our friends for? 

BFF- The one person (out of many) responsible for making our lives worth living. Not only these, creatures are always up for crazy stupid plans, but they are also the ones who are always there to tell us that where we went wrong in life. A very few people are there in this world with whom our tuning is automatically set by default, and we don’t have to make much effort to become friends. It happens just in a click and what fellows are just memories. The best type of friendships is always the one where you can’t even remember how you two initially kicked it off. Sitting right by your side when you cried the whole night away over your ex, they have always proved that no matter what, something is here to stay.

 But have you ever thanked them for compromising their sleep when it was you who was missing their ex? Maybe not. Showing such feelings to your best friends can be a little awkward, I know, but sometimes it’s important too. You might have thanked them multiple times for major help, like lending you money or helping out on a project, but some things go unnoticed. So, here are some underrated things that you definitely need to thank your friends/best friends for, if you haven’t done already because if it wasn’t them, who would have done an online cake delivery in Noida at midnight on your birthday. 

For showing faith in us

You know, best friends are always the best motivators. If you can, just recall the times when they showed their faith in you when no one else did. If you want to know who is that one person who thinks you always rock, it’s your BFF. 

Best friend by default

Life becomes so much funnier when you are with your friends. Well, to be honest, it is not very difficult to find best friends, sometimes you can just sense that one amongst the rest is eligible to sit in that post.

Unpaid professional fashion stylist

Ah! Irrespective of your best friend is a girl or a boy; you will surely relate to this one. He or she is your unpaid stylist. Remember that pretty soul just rushed in your house on the farewell day just so you looked the best version of yourself. He or she always knows which is your best profile and makes sure to capture the same for insta pics. 

For being your all-time reliable army

Remember who was there when you accidentally fell into a fight with your classmate, who was actually double your size? If you haven’t thanked your best friend in school, thank him/her now for sharing the quota of punches from that big guy. 

Giving the best solution to every problem

You know some of us can take the advice of very few people and apply it, and BFF’s fall under the category of these few people. A few of us have the tendency to learn from our own lived encounters., however even still, your best friends have consistently been eager to offer advice and solutions for a mindful insight knowing that you will still do the same thing they are asking you not to do. But even then, they never give up and keep rushing in with a bag full of advice for us whenever we need them. 

So, these are some mini-mini things that we mostly forget to thank our friends for, but it’s never too late. Next time you meet them, make sure you show your appreciation.