Under the leadership of Dr. Nina Nejmeh, NIO Consulting Group has expanded and launched in the US

Dr. Nina Nejmeh (also known as Dr. Nina to her patients and colleagues) is a Doctor of Integrative Medicine, a Doctor of Humanitarian Service, holds a Doctorate in Orthomolecular Medicine (PhD), and is a Deputy Minister (Diplomat) of the Legislative Assembly of the International Parliament. After owning and operating successful medical and rehab practices for many years Dr. Nina founded NIO Consulting Group in Ontario, Canada in 2018. Dr. Nina, CEO of NIO, is a brilliant and bold woman who is both passionate and a visionary leader.

Due to the high demand for their services from US healthcare companies, NIO began an expansion campaign into the US.  Their primary business offerings are organizational audits, identification of deficiencies, and devising relevant and executionable business plans for healthcare organizations.  NIO’s team of experts in Medicine, Nursing, Rehab, Finance, Insurance, Legal, and Operations, offer a plethora of proposals and plans to achieve optimum success. In addition to establishing effective and proven guidelines to augment the profitability and revenue streams of any corporation. Two of the most successful initiatives for NIO have been their staff and patient retention programs, coupled with their superior service of building out lucrative virtual pharmacies for healthcare practitioners and organizations without the burden of a financial investment.     

It is undeniable that The Covid Pandemic has brought tragic human loss all over the world. Consequently, the virus has also impacted the world economy in a very negative and restrictive way.  As a result, we observed the exhaustion of healthcare providers and the financial strain of medical systems globally.  It has been without a doubt a very challenging time for all sectors of the world’s economy, and in particular, the Healthcare sector as they were and remain at the forefront of this war against an invisible and sometimes deadly virus.   

NIO’s mission is to Engage, Educate, Empower, and Enhance the operations of their clients on every aspect of their company’s vision. The defining challenge of our time is to create solid and sustainable economic growth for businesses that continue to improve people’s lives in meaningful and significant ways.  Healthcare businesses are unique and often report losses due to their innate nature to prioritize patients’ wellbeing over financial gains.  

It takes great courage and cautious planning to overcome the inevitable astronomical losses of the last three years. Keeping this noble notion in mind, Dr. Nina founded NIO Consulting Group, a consulting firm that offers services healthcare and legal companies of all sizes. NIO was created to help these companies keep true to their honorable missions while still continuing to retain their employees, deliver optimum health services and remain profitable.

NIO has prime and brilliant professionals coming from various backgrounds who are qualified to deal with any business challenge. Essentially, NIO’s team’s success has stemmed from their expertise in fundamentally identifying challenges faced by their clients.  Once these have been established, the appropriate team begins carrying out assessments, developing and implementing an effective budget, designing business plans, helping in recruitment and with marketing/promotional campaigns.  The client’s firm will be equipped to perform competently and profitably.

As for Corporate governance, NIO’s Corporate Advisors initially look at the 4 P’s of any company’s governance; People, Process, Performance, and Purpose. The next step is to ensure that the organization is operating with Integrity, Objectivity, Transparency, Accountability, Professional Behavior, and Confidentiality. When such governance and controls are reviewed or put in place, the operations of the company will lead to a better reputation, brand awareness, and ultimately profitability.

NIO also provides medical educational courses and webinars.  Their team has the flexibility of providing onsite, virtual and hybrid services to their clients. Building out virtual pharmacies for clinics and hospitals has given them a competitive advantage and proven to be financially lucrative. Dr.  Nejmeh has already gained significant credibility, by acquiring the first of the largest franchise rehab facilities, Physiomed, in Canada, and the largest medical innovation company in the US, Smartdocs App, to build their virtual pharmacies and provide operational support. 

Dr Nina’s medical background, and extensive business experience, has enabled her to inspire and lead her team at NIO to offer services to an extremely important sector of our economy, the Medical and Healthcare industry.  There is an unmistakable need for their services and clients on both sides of the border are excited to call upon NIO for their expertise.  We are certain that the time is right and the need for their services is essential in today’s unpredictable global economy.  We would like to wish Dr. Nina and her Team of Advisors at NIO CONSULTING GROUP much success and fulfillment in Canada, the US and the Global Market. 

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